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Revisiting The Gates Of Vienna

18 September 2014 @ 14:30

Seems like old times…
It seems like old times being here with you

From Jeffrey Lord’s latest column, over at The American Spectator:

…In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the late Christopher Hitchens took to the pages of the UK’s Guardian to raise the then-new point to a shell-shocked world that the date September 11th had a specific symbolism in the Islamic world. Wrote Hitchens:

It was on September 11 1683 that the conquering armies of Islam were met, held, and thrown back at the gates of Vienna.

Now this, of course, is not a date that has only obscure or sectarian significance. It can rightly, if tritely, be called a hinge-event in human history. The Ottoman empire never recovered from the defeat; from then on it was more likely that Christian or western powers would dominate the Muslim world than the other way around. In our culture, the episode is often forgotten or downplayed, except by Catholic propagandists like Hilaire Belloc and GK Chesterton. But in the Islamic world, and especially among the extremists, it is remembered as a humiliation in itself and a prelude to later ones. (The forces of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza once published a statement saying that they could not be satisfied until all of Spanish Andalusia had been restored to the faithful as well.)

What Hitchens left out is the chilling demand that Mehmet IV, the Sultan of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, made of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I:

Primarily we order You to await Us in Your residence city of Vienna so that We can decapitate You.…We will exterminate You and all Your followers.…Children and grown-ups will be exposed to the most atrocious tortures before put to an end in the most ignominious way imaginable…

In one way or another, what ISIS and their “global caliphate” is all about is refighting the Battle of Vienna — and getting a different outcome. Like it or not, the president finds himself in the position of, as it were, defending the West. A job he repeatedly seems to find uncomfortable if not downright distasteful.

…In 1683 the objective of the Sultan Mehmet IV was to lay siege to Vienna and starve it into submission. From there he would move on to Germany and Western Europe. The siege began in July — and it was succeeding. On September 11 the King of Poland, Jan Sobieski, arrived with European troops who were determined to break the siege and send the Ottomans packing. They did, setting the Ottoman Empire — the Islamic Caliphate — on the road to decline. It vanished altogether with World War I.

Yet Islamist determination, apparently, has not….

Not too long ago, The West was summoned by Islam to return to The Gates Of Vienna and re-fight the battle for it again. It chose to ignore the summons and became delinquent in it’s duty to protect it’s peoples — and the rest of the World — from the menace, the Pure Evil, that is Mohammedism.

The Gates were breached and now Islam is invading everywhere in the World, but most especially in The West. It turns out that the King Of Poland did not win a decisive victory, but, rather, gave us a few centuries of breathing space. The trouble is: in those several hundred years, The West has lost itself in Decadences of all kinds and is so dissipated in it’s Will, dessicated in Spirit, that it would rather let itself become like the obscenely and morbidly fat man whose flesh melds with the material of his couch than stand-up and fight for what is Right and Good. All Western Man will end-up doing is providing the Musselmen with a fatter neck to slice.

…To be sure, a mighty vanguard is already here, and expresses its intention to stay even as it refuses to assimilate…. It’s a sign, but it is only one sign. One could stop there. One could even engage in some skirmishes, all the while ignoring, or pretending to ignore that the real danger is not only here, that it is elsewhere, that it is yet to come, and that by its very size it will be of a different order. For I am convinced that at the global level things will unleash as at a billiard game, where the balls start moving one after the other following an initial shove, which can start up in this or that immense reservoir of misery and multitudes, such as the one over there, alongside the Ganges. It will probably not happen as I have described it, for the Camp of the Saints is only a parable, but in the end the result will not be any different, though perhaps in a form more diffused and therefore seemingly more tolerable. The Roman empire did not die any differently, though, it’s true, more slowly, whereas this time we can expect a more sudden conflagration. It is said that history does not repeat itself. That’s very foolish. The history of our planet is made up of successive voids and of the ruins that others have strewn about as they each had their turn, and that some have at times regenerated.

So, what to do?

I am a novelist. I have no theory, no system nor ideology to propose or defend. It just seems to me that we are facing a unique alternative either learn the resigned courage of being poor or find again the inflexible courage to be rich. In both cases, so-called Christian charity will prove itself powerless. The times will be cruel.

—Jean Raspail, Introduction to the 1985 Edition of The Camp Of The Saints

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