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Islam Vs. Christianity Succinctly Explained

16 September 2014 @ 14:37

Friend In The Ether Blake does so quite succinctly and dead-on-balls accurately in the Comments section of a post over at Protein Wisdom:

At one point, I was among the camp that thought Islam needed to be reformed, much like Christianity.

However, I’ve come to realize I was comparing two different things.

Christianity, in and of itself, did not need reformation. What needed reformation were the people and churches that claimed sole proprietorship of the Word of God. (William Tyndale stands as testament to those who challenged the power of the church)

Islam, at its core, is fascism disguised as religion. Nothing more, nothing less. Reforming Islam would mean completely dismantling the entire religion. One doesn’t reform fascism. One destroys fascism.


Allah is not our God.

  1. 16 September 2014 @ 20:33 20:33

    Your last sentence has one word too many: “our.”

    Seething at his rejection in the desert by God’s son born to a Jew, he found someone willing to accept his temptations and to declare holy war against the Jews.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    16 September 2014 @ 23:10 23:10

    What we are currently witnessing around the world in general and in the ME in particular is the Islamic Reformation. Attacking Americans here and abroad, fighting and killing other Moslems because they aren’t the right kind of Moslems and the brutal way they do it is just getting back to the fundamentals of Islam. Their scriptures tell them to take the heads of Allah’ s enemies though I’m pretty the Koran doesn’t say to saw them off with a dull knife. One would think they could scare up a few swords though I don’t doubt that fabricating a guillotine exceeds their technical prowess.

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