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David Cameron Goes To (A Religion Of) Pieces

14 September 2014 @ 20:16

David Cameron proved last night that his recent tough words regarding Muslim terrorists were not to be taken seriously.

From Breitbart, we learn:

[ISIS:] They boast of their brutality; they claim to do this in the name of Islam. That is nonsense. Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims, they are monsters.

‘Just joking’, right David darling?

Of course, dear boy, it is you that are the joke.

It normally wouldn’t matter much that a toff like Cameron was such a downright twit, but he’s charged with protecting the people of Great Britain from harm.

One had hoped that Davey had finally awoken to the fact that Islam is at War with The West and the rest of the World, but, in my case, this was that old Human failing at work: the triumph of Hope over Experience — I should have known better.

The Wikipedia entry on Cameron reads: ‘Cameron was born in London and brought up in Peasemore, Berkshire‘ — should that not read ‘Appeasemore’?

  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    15 September 2014 @ 06:52 06:52

    Why is it that we keep putting total dolts like Cameron, Obama, Hollande, Kerry and such into positions of responsibility? I am frankly mystified by it.

  2. 15 September 2014 @ 07:07 07:07

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    • 15 September 2014 @ 13:43 13:43

      Die, spambot!

      • thecampofthesaints permalink
        15 September 2014 @ 14:42 14:42

        Something’s gone screwy-Louie with the WordPress spam filter. They usually correct it within a week or two.

        On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 1:43 PM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:


        • 15 September 2014 @ 16:23 16:23

          Yeah, I found lots of spammy spam today on my sites as well.

        • 15 September 2014 @ 20:01 20:01

          I’ve been seeing a lot more spam get through Gmail’s filters too. Maybe there’s a worm out there resetting things. It would also explain why all the people my mother-in-law has blocked on Facebook are p!$$ing her off again.

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  4. 15 September 2014 @ 13:41 13:41

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    More suicidal dhimmitude from Englandistan. Looks like Neville Cameron is getting his talking points from the Little Naked (but you must take notice of his fancy royal garb or you will suffer the dire punishment that is reserved for thought criminal RAAAAACISTs, who are of course the very worst people in the world – unlike muslims who commit acts of bombings & beheadings, and military deserters who are revered and catered to) Emperor Hussein, of the Kholonial Kaliphate (which is still known as The United States of America to a precious few rebel outlaw patriots, such as the Enemy of (the islamic) State known as Badass Bob Belvedere).

  5. Adobe_Walls permalink
    15 September 2014 @ 13:47 13:47

    Woodstock jihadis protect and encourage Islamist jihadis, why would we be surprised?


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