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The Obamas: Tone Deaf, Blind, And Dangerous

13 September 2014 @ 01:16

What’s this, example 1,998?…who the frig knows…I’ve lost count.

Tip of the fedora to Donald Douglas, who remarks: ‘And man, we still have two more years of this bull’.  At a minimum, it’s two, but who says these poor excuses for Human Beings will leave then?  That we can even contemplate that scenario and be sane is scarey and Goddamn sad.

As for their blindness: well, it runs in the Leftist Family, as Mark Steyn explains:

…For the modern progressive, the entire planet is fringe-of-the-map. Real politics is about free contraceptives for thirtysomething college students, and transgender bathrooms for grade-schoolers. “Foreign policy” is something old bitter white men do.

Please take the time to click here and read his latest column, which is a grand mixture of anger, frustration, and humor.

-Is it too much to hope that maybe these fools will eventually get seeing-eye dogs?  Yeah…it is.

-Maybe soon — very soon — one of our American cities will go ‘KA-BOOM!’

-Am I the only one who thinks someday my fate will be to be this guy:


This age makes me so sick that sometimes I am almost impelled to stop at a corner and start calling down curses from Heaven.

—George Orwell

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