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Searching For A Modern Scipio Africanus

09 September 2014 @ 19:42

Walter Erickson is a writer and composer of verse, who’s commentary over at The Belmont Club I have come to appreciate.

I would highly recommend making his site, Verse-Afire, a regular stop on your travels through The Ether.

Last week, Mr. Erickson left a comment and bit of accompanying verse in the Comments section of a post by Richard Fernandez concerning the proper way to handle enemies like ISIS.  It is worth quoting in full:


The policy of the United States toward ISIS in particular and the Middle East in general is clear – complete destruction. Do not manage them, do not try to lead them to democracy. Destroy them, destroy them utterly, by whatever means necessary. It was said of the Romans that they made a desert and called it peace. And so it was, for nothing is quite so peaceful as a sere and terminally silent desert. Ask the next Carthaginian you see if making a desert of your enemy’s homeland is an effective measure or not. The modern West prides itself on no longer being Roman, but not being Roman is a very recent and no doubt brief episode in the history of the European race. To look at the joyous faces of the Muslim killers as they behead an infidel, or to hear the joyous ululations of the Arab street at the sight of rockets heading for Israel, is to understand that the Arab killer and the Arab street know nothing of the history of European desert making, and not understanding will be bewildered when it finally happens to them.

The picture is clear, though the pixels are few
The Muslims all thirst for the death of the Jew
They dance in the streets when the curbs are all lined
With bodies of infidels Allah has signed
Beheadings of Christians as cameras roll
The vengeance clock ticks with the mounting death toll
The killings continue, a war without cease
‘Til we make a desert and call it a peace

Dead solid perfect.

Although, I wonder if, with his last sentence, he’s not being too optimistic that The West will eventually summon the courage and strength of will that is needed to defeat Islam.

The followers of Mohammad should be made to understand that they have two choices:

-Cease all violent and stealth Jihadist attacks against the Infidels; or

-Be prepared to have their lands either turned into glass deserts or sown with salt.

No other course is open to us in The West.  And to make sure the job is done right, any effort must be lead by a reconstituted America and the nations of a reinvigorated Anglosphere, who would represent the best of Mankind.

If we do not smash the Islamic threat, the Mohammedins will continue to plague the World and we will enter a new Dark Age.

Time is short, because we are already, in this Age Of Leftist Hegemony, standing on the threshold.

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  2. 10 September 2014 @ 07:13 07:13

    I wish I could be optimistic that the Wests will summon some balls and do the job. Bu the won’t. Even when ISIS is beheading liberals in Washington they will be apologizing for white privilege.

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