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How A Conservative Thinks – Part I

09 September 2014 @ 08:01

One question that always seems to surface when members of the Right are discussing the state of Art in contemporary times is: Why Is Modern Art So Bad?

Over at Protein Wisdom, in a post by Darleen Click, there’s been a lively discussion of the question.

As a true, dyed-in-the-homespun-wool conservative, the only answer I can possibly give is: Because it’s Modern.

PATTON: Rommel’s out there somewhere, waiting for me.

JENSON: Yes, sir.

PATTON: You know. . .if I had my way, I’d send that genius son of a bitch an engraved invitation in iambic pentameter: A challenge in two stanzas to meet me alone in the desert.

JENSON: I’ll deliver it.

PATTON: Rommel in his tank and me in mine. We’d stop about 20 paces. We’d get out, we’d shake hands then we’d button up and do battle, just the two of us. That battle would decide the outcome of the war.

JENSON: It’s too bad jousting’s gone out of style. It’s like your poetry, general. It isn’t part of the 20th century.

PATTON: You’re right, Dick. The world grew up. Hell of a shame.

Dick, I want a 24-hour guard put around this area. lf we don’t, the Arabs will dig them up for their clothes.

JENSON: Yes, sir.

PATTON: Our graves aren’t gonna disappear like everybody else’s who fought here. The Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians.

God, how I hate the 20th century.

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