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The Joys Of Invincible Ignorance: The Jarrett Junto

04 September 2014 @ 14:15

But now all is to be changed. All the pleasing illusions which made power gentle and obedience liberal, which harmonized the different shades of life, and which by a bland assimilation incorporated into politics the sentiments which beautify and soften private society, are to be dissolved by this new conquering empire of light and reason. All the decent drapery of life is to be rudely torn off. All the superadded ideas, furnished from the wardrobe of a moral imagination, which the heart owns and the understanding ratifies, as necessary to cover the defects of our naked, shivering nature, and to raise it to dignity in our own estimation, are to be exploded, as a ridiculous, absurd, and antiquated fashion.

—Edmund Burke, Reflections On The Revolution In France

In the Comments section of his latest post, Richard Fernandez remarks:

But I can’t find any hint that the administration is thinking in strategic terms. They are thinking and acting like second-rate lawyers, perhaps because they are led by one.

What King Barack The Unready lacks, what every, single member of The Jarrett Junto lacks, is a Moral Imagination.

They are all dullards and, as Blast From The Past remarks in the same post’s Comments, they wear the purple sash of Invincible Ignorance.

They possess, however, the low-cunning of the criminal and the determination of the rabid fanatic, both attributes being qualities we conservatives have trouble understanding because we value our Souls.

The Jarrett Junto has a strategy. Trouble is: it’s one that is not based in Reality and, therefore, is doomed to fail spectacularly. And a lot of innocent Americans will end-up dying or being reduced to enslavement because of it.

So if we mean to resist the wicked things written on the sky, if we are to set our faces against the totalist and nihilist wave of the future, we must renew the sources of our moral imagination. I do not mean that we should repair to doctrinaire ideology; to the contrary, we should abjure the narrowness of ideology and improve our liberal learning — which is something very different from today’s liberal politics. Paul Elmer More once remarked that the able conservative statesman possesses a certain quality of imagination which is of high service at times of crisis. That sort of imagination — and not political imagination only — is what American conservatives must employ if they aspire to erase the wicked things written on the sky.

—Russell Kirk, The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written on the Sky

  1. 04 September 2014 @ 15:54 15:54

    What King Barack The Unready lacks, what every, single member of The Jarrett Junto lacks, is a Moral Imagination.

    Hence my new name for him: President Peter Principle.

  2. 04 September 2014 @ 17:05 17:05

    The incapacity of the Administration to even begin to think strategically is our undoing.

  3. 04 September 2014 @ 20:43 20:43

    If President Peter Principle had half a brain, he’d turn the ISIS problem over to our Generals and tell them to do whatever it takes until those bastards are wiped off the map.


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