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How America Works, Part I

01 September 2014 @ 21:02

Mark Steyn explains how one aspect of daily life in the America of 2014 works:

… In Ferguson, Missouri, the “conversation”, as they say on MSNBC, is between the dependent class and the governing class that ministers to them and keeps them in line. If you’re a convenience store owner, your low-skilled service jobs are the only labor on offer, and, for your pains, you get burned and looted by the dependent class while your 911 calls go unanswered by the governing class, both of which you fund.

Lesson To Be Learned: If you’re part of the Productive Class, you’re royally screwed [especially now that we have a royal court that governs us].

Now, small businessmen, you can either practice bending over or you can join the fight to Restore our Freedoms and Liberties.

Because, we must either…


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  1. 01 September 2014 @ 21:38 21:38

    Saw this in a comment at American Digest:

    Blacks riot and their communities burn…Whites riot and continents burn.

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