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Macaroni Making And Gov. Jay Nixon

21 August 2014 @ 19:45

Considering I showed — conclusively, mind you — that the practice of Tarring And Feathering is not an action that could bring about death or serious burning of the skin, I think I have stumbled on what should be our first modern use of it — and it would be a fitting and grand example…

Tarring-and-feathering-001-350x467Jeff Goldstein deserves the credit for conceiving of this:

…we have a Governor [Nixon of Missouri] — a Democrat, of course — calling for the prosecution of an officer who was beaten and, according to a growing host of witnesses, rushed by a 6’4″ 290 lb man who had just committed a felony and was high. All to satiate the bloodlust of looters, thugs, and racists posing as “civil rights” fighters.

Here’s an idea: someone convene a grand jury in Missouri and indict this dickhead Governor on charges of obstruction of justice and pre-emptive jury tampering.

And right after that? Tar and feather his shameless, pandering, lawless, ass and affix him to the side of the state capitol building with rope, a dunce cap stapled to his hairpiece and a sign across his chest that reads “Yeah, I’m kind of an asshole. Sorry.”

Man…I should have purchased those tar futures when nobody was interested.


  1. 22 August 2014 @ 00:17 00:17

    Fucking A Right… pissed off as you and striving to be civil in an uncivilized society. They want this anger….they want the clash…Cloward & Piven….bottom up/inside out/top down

  2. 22 August 2014 @ 03:31 03:31

    Reblogged this on Among The Joshua Trees.

  3. 22 August 2014 @ 03:33 03:33

    I would prefer the use of Vigilance Committees in some circumstances.

  4. rkae permalink
    25 August 2014 @ 19:08 19:08

    There are some nutty Libertarians out there going wild on some nutty sites about “Ferguson is waking up to the reality of our militarized police.” This event is as indicative of “militarized police” as it is of “institutional racism” – that is, “Hey! We can make this emotionally fit into our narrative, so let’s pour some gasoline on it!”

    A cop was attacked and beaten by a madman. He fought back and put the perp down. Investigate it (as they do EVERY cop-involved shooting) and put it to bed. Anyone trying to use the event to foment rage is an ass. To think the Governor is one of them is sickening.

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