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America 2014: The Gong Show

21 August 2014 @ 08:49

If you’re too young to know about what The Gong Show was, click here before you read on.

Methinks Richard Fernandez is onto something:

I think BBC producers of the future are going to have a hard time dramatizing the administration of Barack Obama, because if they portray it with anything like honesty it will come off as a farce.

Normally the BBC likes to portray historical personages in a tableau of high drama. But in Obama’s case they’ll have their work cut out for them. The hardest problem is how to treat his blowhard boasting. How he would fundamentally transform America. Make the seas fall. How will it show him skipping down the ramp of Air Force One to lecture the Egyptians without laying on the irony as thick as grease? How can it show him drawing the Red Line, like he was parting the Red Sea.

Who can play that with a straight face knowing what happened in actuality?

And all that vaingloriousness comes down to this sad spectacle of a man holed up in Martha’s Vineyard emerging like the cuckoo in a cuckoo clock to make some meaningless cackle at intervals that looks, like Charles Krauthammer once observed, "animatronic".

Yet he goes on. That is the most marvelous part of this performance. Like a talent show contestant who is out of tune and being pelted with vegetables he seems utterly oblivious to his shame and degradation. He can’t take a hint. A hook comes out of the side to pull him off, but it can’t quite reach and he shuffles from side to side to stay clear of it. And on he goes, having made a hash of one song, straight on to another.

There is something almost insane about it. Something Section 8, except that you have Hillary and Nancy Pelosi acting the same way, and you realize that either they’re all crazy or maybe we are.

Something to ponder as we await Pill Time in the Day Room.

We’ll be back with more STUFF right after this message…

  1. 21 August 2014 @ 11:22 11:22

    To quote the crew over at CDR Salamander when the going gets tought: Pass the flask.

  2. 21 August 2014 @ 14:12 14:12

    Well America voted for this dickweed. Twice. I’d say we’re all crazy.

  3. Rich Fader permalink
    21 August 2014 @ 17:21 17:21

    This administration would be greatly improved by…[opening notes of “Jumpin’ at the Woodside”]…Gene! Gene! The Dancing Machine!


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