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17 August 2014 @ 00:42

Thanks to Gavin McInnes [emphasis mine]:

If you want to free the oppressed, leave them alone. The more these greater-good socialists get involved, the more people die. They tell Africans to continue burning noxious dung because anything else would be bad for the environment. When they start dying from malaria, we send them nets instead of DDT. We are killing Africa with kindness. Don’t any of these do-gooders give a shit? No. Caring is fashion to them. They could care less about the depressing reality of true poverty.

Remember that the next time you see someone driving a Prius.

Do take the time to click here and read the rest of his column.

One more highlight:

This isn’t about reporting or solving problems or even knowing what the truth is. The modern left is virtually indistinguishable from a Socialist propaganda machine. They invent problems so they can rail against the rich white males and when rich white males solve them, they become apoplectic. The problem with this kind of behavior is it ends up hurting everyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

And the True Believers of the Left take advantage of these fools, manipulating them shamelessly.  And the dingbats don’t even have a clue that they’re being used.

  1. 17 August 2014 @ 07:59 07:59

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  2. gospace permalink
    17 August 2014 @ 21:15 21:15

    I wish conservative bloggers would quit it with dissing Prius owners. Contrary to popular belief, more Prius owners are consesrvative then liberal. Like me and my son. There’s something about 50 MPG that appeals to me, and it goes well with a 38 mile one way commute to work.

    My owning one has zip-diddly to do with saving the world. It has a lot to do with cutting commuting costs. And for fuel efficient cars, it is comfortable to drive, handles well, and hte climate control system is the best I’ve had in any car I’ve owned. Set the temperature instead of jiggling the heat lever between too hot and too cold.

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