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A Healthy Attitude On Ebola

08 August 2014 @ 07:37

In the Comments section of that Richard Fernandez article I quoted from yesterday, commentator Battle Of The Pyramids remarks:

I wonder…why it is that the Africans cannot develop a vaccine for Ebola themselves. After all, have we not been told over and over again that evil racist whites are evil? Have we not been told that all cultures are equal, that Western scientific thinking is racist and not applicable to Africa? Very well. Let Liberia and Guinea and Sierra Leone and other places create their own research centers and staff them with their own doctors. I am sure they will find plenty of volunteer help from their brother African-Americans. They can then develop their own vaccines free from the evil white man.

As for the Haj, well, let it proceed as normal. The Islamic world has said repeatedly it despises the infidel. So, they need no medicine or medical advice from the Jew or Christian whom they despise. If someone attends who is stricken with Ebola, well, that is merely the will of Allah. Let it be.

One thing I know for sure…I no longer have the will to try to prevent people from suffering the consequences of the belief systems they profess.

That’s the Spirit!…and a very healthy one, at that.

Now you know what to do, Africans, Muslims, so you bust a move…

You want it, you got it
You want it, baby you got it — (Just bust a move)
You want it, you got it
You want it, baby you got it

  1. 08 August 2014 @ 09:40 09:40

    Infidel! You have insulted the Religion of Peace™. Prepare for the consequences.


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