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On Vigilance And Means Of Redress

07 August 2014 @ 21:06

Myron Magnet, one of the few Liberals who still possesses some grasp of Reality, writes [tip of the fedora to Paco]:

Anyone who believes the talk about how Barack Obama is already a lame-duck president, detached and irrelevant, is deluding himself. President Obama has accomplished more or less what he set out to accomplish. He has made himself the most consequential and transformative president since Lyndon Johnson. His foreign policy has been more systematically destructive of the world order and American power than LBJ’s Vietnam War. His wrong-headed domestic policy has proved more catastrophic and intentionally hard to correct than Johnson’s madcap War on Poverty, whose consequences still bedevil our society.

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166This is a point regular readers of these Dispatches know I have been making for some time now.  Free of the need to be re-elected, ‘Obama’ believes he can act with impunity on bringing about the fundamental transformation of America.  He and the other members of The Jarrett Junto, along with their allies in the Axis Of Leftism, have succeeded in achieving what past Presidential Despots like FDR, LBJ, and Woodrow Wilson could only dream of.  The United States Of America, the American Republic gifted and passed on to us by The Founding Fathers, is no more; The Constitution has been effectively declared null and void.  The Rule Of Law has been discarded in favor of the nearly unrestrained satisfying of the goals and whims of the Left In America — that alien force that long ago breached our ramparts and began to spread it virus, plague-like, through our Society.

Paco’s insight from Monday instant is worth quoting at this point:

I don’t believe there’s any room left for intelligent doubt concerning the president’s psychological alienation from the very concept of America, and his belief that the world would be a better place if our country were an amorphous and heterogeneous stew of competing cultures, unassimilable because, in his ideal polity, there would be no central body of normative beliefs for people to assimilate – save for the primacy of the state, of course, and the necessary elimination of such outmoded ideas as individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Yes, Obama is an unmitigated disaster, but the effectiveness of the body politic’s “immune system” has been declining for generations, so Obama or someone like him was inevitable. More’s the pity that the opposition is led by mental midgets, self-dealing scoundrels and quaking poltroons. How this political dog’s breakfast is to be rectified short of another revolution is quite beyond me; if this lawless administration, and its fellow-travelers in the GOP, gets what it wants with respect to amnesty, I’m not sure that a revolution at the ballot box is even going to be possible for much longer. Even without the prospect of hordes of new Democratic voters, our future is looking grim, as a secular cloud of unknowing has descended on millions of our fellow citizens, enveloping them in the grossest ignorance of the tangible value of freedom and the soul-destroying consequences of its absence, leaving them prey to the blandishments and bribery of the ruling class’s shrewdest confidence men, unwitting hitchhikers on the road to serfdom.

Damn well put.

One quibble: The Revolution, as I, Mark Levin, Jeff Goldstein, and others have been stressing for some time, has already happened.  For over a century now, we have been subjected to a Silent Coup perpetrated by the Left In America.  The only reason the idea of such a Coup as having happened is no longer seen as being the ravings of lunatics is because The Jarret Junto and it’s Axis Allies have ratcheted it up considerably since 2007 — the Coup is not so silent anymore — to the point where it’s existence has become rather obvious to a growing number of Americans.  This is because the Left In America believes that this is THEIR MOMENT, the age that Destiny has called them to act brazenly to seal the deal on their long hoped for plan to transform America into a Leftist Paradise.

What we, those Americans who are fighting to end the Coup, desire is a Restoration of those Freedoms and Liberties bequeathed to us by The Founding Fathers.  What we seek is a Restoration of our Rights as Americans, not the tearing down of Society.

The Left would like nothing better than for us to launch a Revolution against their Revolution.  The Jarrett Junto, and their allied forces, would like nothing better than for us to ‘fire the first shot’, as it were, and then launch a destructive war [ie: a Counter Revolution] so they could have an excuse to use unrestrained violence against us and crush us under the jackbooted heels.

As Samuel Adams always urged: Keep our Enemy always in the wrong.  Let them be the ones to attack first, but be prepared when it comes.

Until then: we must continue to seek peaceful means of Redress of our grievances, such as an Article V Convention Of The States.

While we must learn to be better hardball players, we must never allow ourselves to become the same low-life criminals as the Left In America are.  Adopt the Ways of the Tyrant and you eventually become a Tyrant.

A Governor legally appointed may usurp powers which do not belong to him: And it is ten to one but he will, if the people are not jealous and vigilant. Charles the first was legally appointed king: The doctrines advanced by the clergy in his father’s infamous reign, led them both to believe that they were the LORD’S anointed and were not accountable for their conduct to the people. — It is strange that kings seated on the English throne, should imbibe such opinions: But it is possible they were totally unacquainted with the history of their English predecessors. 

— Charles, by hearkening to the council of his evil ministers, which coincided with the principles of his education, and his natural temper, and confiding in his corrupt judges, became an usurper of powers which he had no right to; and exercising those powers, he became a Tyrant: But the end proved fatal to him, and afforded a solemn lesson for all succeeding usurpers and tyrants: His subjects who made him king, called him to account, dismiss’d and PUNISH’D him in a most exemplary manner! Charles was obstinate in his temper, and thought of nothing so little as concessions of any kind: If he had been well advis’d, he would have renounced his usurped powers: Every wise governor will relinquish a power which is not clearly constitutional, however inconsiderable those about him may perswade him to think it; especially, if the people regard it as a PART OF A SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION, and AN EVIDENCE OF TYRANNICAL DESIGNS. And the more tenacious he is of it, the stronger is the reason why “the SPIRIT OF APPREHENSION” should be kept up among them in its utmost VIGILANCE.

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘CANDIDUS’ in the Boston Gazette, 9 December 1771



  1. loopyloo305 permalink
    08 August 2014 @ 08:06 08:06

    The only way to kill this cancer that is infecting our country is the way we treat other cancers. Unfortunately to kill the cancer you usually have to almost kill the patient. God bless you Bob B!


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