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Liberty Or Slavery

04 August 2014 @ 20:48

There is a building whirlwind sweeping across America, one that is a mixture of discontent, anger, and helpless frustration.

This wind storm is brewing and accelerating because the nation that once existed, The United States Of America, is no more.

What once was the envy of the World, a nation based on The Rule Of Law and not The Rule Of Man, Of Whim, has been replaced by a grisly mutated form of the old Republic. It is an ugly thing: a Despotic Regime where those we have elected to Constitutional Offices and those we have allowed to be employed to run our national government believe they do not have to obey the Constitutional Provisions and Laws and Regulations they are charged with enforcing unless they choose to, where ordinary citizens — the Sovereign People, I need not remind you — are expected to follow and comply with those same Constitutional Provisions and Laws and Regulations those in positions of Power And Control can disregard at will, while ordinary citizens face financial ruin and incarceration if they dare violate one of the myriad and confusing strictures on their Freedom and Liberties.  And the Sovereign People cannot help but break the Laws and Regulations because these vile constraints have been designed to turn every citizen into a violator by the simple act of trying to live normally in the World.

To enforce this confused mass of Laws and Regulations, the national government has unleashed a swarm of officers and Bureaucrats, acting in it’s name, to harass and threaten and instill Fear in the ordinary citizens, to eat away and destroy their Property and suffocate their Liberty and strangle their Freedom — and many of them are now armed.

These Despots are lead by a Tyrant who, though elected in apparent compliance with The Constitution, has chosen to discard the Solemn Oath Of Office he took and rule as he and his advisers want to — the only restraint on their actions being that they believe a certain act or decree will put their continuation in office in jeopardy.

Having had over a half a decade to corrupt the national government by creating and nurturing civilian forces within it that are loyal to only themselves — to ‘Caesar’ and his ‘Royal Court’ and not to The American Republic — the Tyrants in Power And Control now believe themselves under a lesser restraint then they had in the early days of the current Administration.  They are emboldened and their brazenness is nearly fully unleashed.  Soon, it will be in full-flower, and these Despots will no longer hesitate to act on their more ambitious plans for a Fundamental Transformation of America into a Socialist Paradise.

Look around you; see what has been happening since the dark cloud of Tyranny finally descended and enveloped America on 20 January 2009.  Despite what some reasonable people speculate may be happening or will happen in the near future, the Coup has already taken place.

Daily, those people in positions of Power And Control in America, have been relentlessly working to undermine and collapse the fragile ties that have held this country together since The Founding — a shared Morality, a common Virtuous Interest, a belief in The Golden Rule — and the despoilers of all that is Honest and Decent and True have been enjoying much success.

The vast majority of citizens — and those here illegally, at the behest of the Tyrants — now identify themselves with particular groups, unthinking tribes who all believe they have been victimized in some way or, often, in multiple ways.  As each day passes, the Balkanization of America, the splitting of Americans into hostile, warring camps of disaffected factions, becomes more pronounced, as the majority begin to believe that they are put upon by the nefarious, ultimately nebulous ‘Other’.

No government of this kind can ever be considered legitimate.

Where there is The Rule Of Law, there is legitimacy.

Where Whim, Capriciousness, and Impulsiveness are the fuel that runs the engines of government, there can be no legitimacy.

That glorious invention, known as The United States Of America, was the most legitimate government ever conceived and implemented.  What we are living under now is not — in any way, shape, or form — that kind of government.  If it bears a resemblance to that form of government gifted to us by The Founders and by Nature’s God, it is only because the current regime is engaging in a grand masquerade, is setting-out to deceive it’s citizens into believing that it has any legitimacy.  It does not.

The self-imposed restrictions we, The Sovereign People, gladly place upon ourselves so that we may enjoy an ordered governing of our societal affairs no longer apply because the Compact between us and our Government has been dissolved by the Tyrants who have taken control of the Government.

It is now our Moral obligation, our Sacred Duty, to seek the end of the current Tyranny in order to restore our Freedoms and Liberties and to be worthy of the admiration of our Posterity.

The choice is stark: Liberty or Slavery.

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