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John Forbes Kerry: Still Aiding And Abetting The Enemy

27 July 2014 @ 01:49

And, let us not forget, Kerry is the poster child for Rank Stupidity.

From The Times Of Israel [tip of the fedora to Adam Kissel], we learn:

Israeli government sources on Saturday night accused US Secretary of State John Kerry of “completely capitulating” to the demands of Hamas and its champion Qatar in drafting the Gaza war ceasefire proposal that Israeli ministers unanimously rejected on Friday.

The unnamed sources, quoted by Israel’s Channel 2 TV, said Kerry “dug a tunnel under the Egyptian ceasefire proposal” — which Israel accepted and Hamas rejected last week — and presented the Israeli government with a text that accepted “most of the demands” raised by Hamas, the Islamist terror group that rules the Strip.

To the “horror” of the Israeli ministers, the Kerry proposal accepted Hamas’s demands for the opening of border crossings into Gaza — where Israel and Egypt fear the import of weaponry; the construction of a seaport; and the creation of a post-conflict funding channel for Hamas from Qatar and other countries, according to the sources. The proposal, meanwhile, did not even provide for Israel to continue demolishing the Hamas network of “terror tunnels” dug under the Israeli border.

Rather than provoke an open diplomatic confrontation with the United States, the report said, the appalled ministers chose not to issue an official statement rejecting the Kerry terms. Instead, word of the decision was allowed to leak out.

The cabinet was meeting again on Saturday night to discuss all aspects of the 19-day conflict with Hamas. Ongoing efforts were being made to reformulate the ceasefire terms, Israeli sources said.

Channel 2′s diplomatic reporter Udi Segal said “voices” from the cabinet had described Kerry as “negligent,” “lacking the ability to understand” the issues, and “incapable of handling the most basic matters.”

Israeli government sources also privately contradicted Kerry’s assertion Friday that his ceasefire proposal was “built on” the Egyptian proposal from last Tuesday. Far from resembling the Egyptian proposal, which urges an immediate ceasefire followed by negotiation, the Kerry proposal leans heavily toward Hamas, the sources said, in tying Hamas preconditions to a cessation of hostilities.


What…what can I say?  I’d get in trouble if I expressed my thoughts about this perfidious Traitor at this moment.

  1. 27 July 2014 @ 08:52 08:52

    Once a rat, always a rat

  2. sdferr permalink
    27 July 2014 @ 12:31 12:31

    We could ask, if we wished to find something kind to say about JohnKerryInternationalDiplomat, or even about his superior and master, the great ClownDisaster, “What is the particular virtue of a moron?”. Our simple answer would probably look something like this: “The virtue of a moron is that he provides or points toward the proper alternatives by means of showing the world the path which it ought not take.”

    So, for instance, JohnKerryInternationalDiplomat says to the Kurds “Cling fast to the Shia government of Iraq: do not seek your own independence”. Whereupon immediately Benjamin Netanyahu can also speak to the Kurds: “I urge you, I applaud you, seek your independence, for only in your independence will you find any safety worthy the name.”

    Thus does the moron good to the world.

  3. 27 July 2014 @ 18:23 18:23

    Kerry betrayed his fellow soldiers in Viet Nam. Why should we be surprised he would betray our allies as well?

    • 27 July 2014 @ 20:31 20:31

      I’m not surprised. I just wanted to get the word out about the depths of his perfidy regarding Israel.

  4. 27 July 2014 @ 21:39 21:39

    JFK, as he likes to be called…or so I’ve heard, is an idiotic moron of the highest order who has absolutely no concept of reality. That silver spoon he’s been sucking on his whole life must be worn down to a nub by now.

    There is nothing good that can be said of him.

    • 27 July 2014 @ 23:37 23:37

      You are correct: the jerk likes to be called ‘JFK’.


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