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Time To Give Hamas A Helping Hand

19 July 2014 @ 15:57

Over at The Other McCain, in the Comments section of another well-reasoned post by Stacy McCain, Friend In The Ether Adjoran made the following remarks [paragraphing mine]:

Gaza chose Hamas.

Hamas stands for death before compromise.

They demand the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state and the killing of Jews wherever they may be found.

If they prefer death to peace, that’s on them. May they get their wish.

Nothing says we can’t form a Hamas branch of ‘Make-A-Wish’ and help them in their efforts.

Are ya with me?


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  1. 19 July 2014 @ 19:29 19:29

    Democracy is giving people exactly what they want, good and hard, so they can hopefully learn from the mistake.

    And in this case, it’s more so others can learn from someone else’s mistake.

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