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Thought (Prayer) For The Day

17 July 2014 @ 20:18

Special guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G.

Prayer Of Intercession

Oh God, my God, Almighty Father,

I trust You.

It is time You rise and take action.

Call the nations to tribunal and sort them out, the evil from the good, the proper from the improper.

Summon the presidents and prime ministers and legislators and the bureaucrats to bear witness to Your Glory.

Summon the clergy and professors to bend the neck and knee to You.

Bring all those to the place of judgement.

Make them undergo examination, charge, verdict and sentence.

Cast them down who refuse to bow, who mock Dharma.

Let them not rise again but remain forever dirt under the feet of beasts and food for vermin and vultures.

The nations are weary of management and crave leadership.

The people are sick of fear and mourning and crave laughing, dancing and singing.

Families are torn by rue, cynicism and chaos and crave unity and quiet.

The time is now to grind down the hags clutching and ripping the back of Duty Honor Country.

Give us leadership, O God, my God. Give us leadership.

You know who they are. Raise them up and put them in motion to triumph and serve.

Strong men who love goodness and courageous women who love their children.

By Your Grace, we will know them when we see them.

We need them now. We need You now, in the thick of things, to make order.

Grasp the whole world to Your Heart.

Cool the feverish minds and eliminate the mockers.

Judge the world, Your world. Now, O Lord.

I beg of You. This is the time for You to act in judgement.

Your will be done.



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