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The State Of What’s Left Of The Union

17 July 2014 @ 21:10

Succinctly and accurately provided by Serr8d, in a comment over at Protein Wisdom:

Seems the history of our Republic might be visualized like the arc of a doomed Malaysian airliner..coming to a sudden end without the passengers being able to do a damned thing about it. Because we can’t.

The cake is baked, Obama was just the icing. All’s we need now is for Elizabeth Warren to pop out of it wearing nothing but a feathered headdress. Hissing

Oh…so…we’re all going to end up blinded just like in Day Of The Triffids?

Big Bang Hunter looks on the bright side:

I’d pay good money to see that if it would end with a dump truck dropping a load of manure on her.

Me too.

  1. 17 July 2014 @ 21:12 21:12

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS-AMERICA!".

  2. 17 July 2014 @ 21:48 21:48

    Me three.

  3. Battlefield USA permalink
    18 July 2014 @ 01:36 01:36

    I danced, I did.

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