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The Children’s Hour: ‘The Bear Is Loose’

11 July 2014 @ 11:09

The juvenile patients are running the asylum…

It seems whenever ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ leaves The Whitey House, someone there Tweets out ‘The Bear Is Loose’.

Obama-ItsMagicOver at Paco’s joint, Minicapt has come up with the best response to that news:

I’d be more inclined to report “The gerbil is loose!”


Very, very fitting, seeing as how, Gere-like, Obama is always up our arses, inflicting near-constant pain, like a hemorrhoid that never heals.

Or…is the phrase ‘The Bear Is Loose’ a subtle commentary on the freehand Comrade Putin has been given by the jug-eared Nancy Boy?

We are so screwed

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  1. 11 July 2014 @ 12:04 12:04

    He’s only a bear in that he’s a danger to others.

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