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On American Fascism

03 July 2014 @ 23:45

I was heartened recently to hear that Mark Levin had called the Democratic Party Fascists.

Since 2008, at the very least, a number of us on the Right have been pointing-out that the Pelosis, Reids, Durbins, Clintons, Obamas, etc. of this world have been advocating policies that are Fascist by definition and by their nature, but we have been ridiculed and denounced as ‘extremists’ and ‘fringe fanatics’ [FYI: I do not count Mr. Levin as one of our tormentors].

It has taken much too long for many well-known people on the Right with popular forums to have their Come-To-Jesus moment, but, well…better late than never [although too much irreparable damage may have already been done in the meantime, so as to render the patient, The United States, terminal].

The Left In America are, indeed, Fascists.  They meet the definition nearly perfectly, as Mike Hendrix, proprietor of Cold Fury, points out in one of the best descriptions of the phenomenon of Modern American Fascism I’ve seen [tip of the fedora to Doug Ross]:

Here’s the real deal in full and without any sugarcoating: they’re fucking fascists. The system they’re trying to create is–ta da!–purely, simply, and wholly fascist. The only thing missing is the rampant nationalism, and that’s only a feature of one particular strain of the loathsome beast anyway.

Under fascism, business and industry are nominally privately held but are severely–very nearly completely–ruled by an all-powerful State. Corporations must conduct their activities exactly in accordance with the regulations issued by the State, with absolutely no right to deviate from its edicts and micromanagement. The economy itself is under strict central control; individual dissent is likewise suppressed.

The fascist nation is usually ruled by a charismatic leader with absolute dictatorial power. A pretense to democracy is sometimes half-heartedly maintained, but its elections are a sham, resulting in no meaningful change to the ruling apparat. Its domestic police forces are militarized and exercise their authority with only cursory restraint; their relationship to the citizenry they supposedly serve is adversarial, when it’s not outright hostile. Any of this beginning to sound familiar at all?

The New Amerika the Left is so mulishly a-building for us (America “fundamentally transformed,” as I believe somebody or other said a couple or three times) is a fascist tyranny. It is only a gossamer-thin tissue of deception away from open communism; it is antithetical, inimical, and irreconcilable to and with the government envisioned and set up by our Founders.

That last point is a key to understanding the Left In America.

Pelosi, Reid, The Jarrett Junto and others of their ill ilk are, deep-down, in their black and diseased hearts, Socialists, but their low-cunning has made them believe that shoving America into a Socialist State too quickly will create a harsh backlash that may crush their Utopian hopes and dreams. So, beginning in the 1980’s, they turned to an incremental plan for fundamentally transforming The United States into a Collectivist state.

The confiscation of private property would be put on the back burner and, learning from their ancestors in the Italian Fascist and German Nazi Movements, they would form an alliance with Big Business to destroy the Free Market and make an ever-increasing amount of Americans dependent on the government.

These collaborating businessmen would be kept in line, towing the Party Line, through a duality of incentives: lavish rewards and occasional intimidations. Appealing to the baser aspects of the Big Businessmen’s natures, the Left In America would offer them special privileges and immunities that would increase their material wealth and grant them dispensations from those laws and regulations the rest of us were compelled to observe and follow.

However, every once in awhile, they would be reminded just who was in control of the alliance, who was the dominant partner, through such measures as the targeting of certain Big Businesses in a particular field via the law enforcement arms of the national government and those Leftist-controlled state and city governments.

But it must be remembered that this alliance has other members too.

In addition to the Leftist Elites and Big Businessmen, there is the Dependent Class, those people who choose to not contribute anything positive to American Society and who survive on the benefits provided to them by government at all levels.  These kind of people make up a Mob that can be counted on to plunder the wealth of the Producer Class and vote early and often for their benefactor politicians.  Because they have willfully decided to revel in Ignorance, the Dependents can be easily provoked to riot and harbor irrational grievances.

Another group that is a member of this American Fascist Axis: the Useful Idiots — those supposed members of the Right who, though they claim to be in opposition to the Leftists are, in fact, Quisling-like collaborators with them [for my analysis of this group, please see my recent post: The Naked Faces Of The GOP And Conservative Establishments].  In this modern incarnation of Fascism, the Useful Idiots have made common cause with Big Business.

We reached a point several years ago where it became necessary to call a spade a spade, to reject euphemisms and be willing to, at all times, speak the raw, unvarnished Truth.

It’s nice to see that some of the decent, but, until very recently, self-misguided people on our side are finally willing to do this.

But, still, not enough are willing to do so.

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