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‘Have We Waited Too Long To Fight?’ -Asks @WilliamTeach

18 June 2014 @ 13:40

That’s the question William Teach is asking in a well-done post over at The Pirate’s Cove:

…Glenn Beck has said many times that now is not the time for armed revolution, for fighting in the street. He says that right now it is time to turn to God. My question would be “when is it the right time to actually fight?” Might we wait too long to fight for our country?…

I urge you to take the time to click here and read all of William’s analysis.

As for Mr. Beck: Sir, if you want a ‘turn to God’ to happen in great numbers, then you should be encouraging Americans to rise-up and fight for their Freedoms and Liberties. It is during the course of such desperate fights that many participants come to realize that the Armor Of God is a vital piece of equipment to carry into battle.

Beck reminds me of those who would gather in a church or meeting house while their village was being attacked and who would produce only wails and lamentations while the marauders set fire to the clapboards.

Begin the fight for what is Right and the Light Of God will follow.

William is right: We must begin the fight in earnest. The Left In America must be defeated.


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  2. 18 June 2014 @ 22:40 22:40

    Remember Ben Franklin’s suggested motto for the first U.S. seal? “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”.


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