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All Is Going According To Plan

16 June 2014 @ 21:38

This is the opening ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has been waiting for.

The Jarrett Junto thinks we’re too stupid to see through this — and, for many Americans, they’re right.


  1. Syd permalink
    17 June 2014 @ 07:50 07:50

    I’m not sure this is a partisan issue. Iran owns the Iraqi government. This was true under Bush and it’s true now. Iraq’s Prime Minister is an Iranian stooge. He spent 24 years in exile in Iran and was a leader of a terrorist group called Dawa, which bombed our Kuwaiti embassy in 1983.

    If we want to roll back ISIS we have to work with Prime Minister Maliki — just as we did in 2007 during the Surge. Working with the Iraqi gov’t essentially means working with Iran, whether we admit it or not. Maliki takes orders from them.

    • David R. Graham permalink
      17 June 2014 @ 12:32 12:32

      This comment is not learned. Maliki is not what the comment makes him out to be.

  2. David R. Graham permalink
    17 June 2014 @ 12:46 12:46

    Yes, it is Jarrett, again, the actual POTUS. Also, nothing those people say is true, including articles and prepositions. I would be trying to anticipate the next chaoses/diversions/pretexts-for-martial-law-and-killing she can be assumed to contemplate unleashing domestically, counting border invasion, bureaucratic thuggery, prosecutorial thuggery, environmental thuggery as among her current vortexes of said chaoses/diversions/pretexts-for-martial-law-and-killing. For example, when does she green light her Muslim Brotherhood friends to don head wraps and shoot up men in neighborhoods to draw out armed citizens she can then whack with DHS/FBI/CIA formations for being domestic terrorists? That sort of logic is where I would go on the SITREP-anticipations boards. Anticipate her knowing how to find and going to manipulate whatever will most easily conduce to “nudging” towards a general chaos, diversion and pretext for martial law and killing. Also, of course, declaring White House not open to new occupants of any origin.

  3. David R. Graham permalink
    17 June 2014 @ 12:48 12:48

    Competent anticipation is capable of arriving at a potential scene of chaos and preventing its nudge in that direction.

  4. flyingtigercomics permalink
    17 June 2014 @ 22:31 22:31

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    Sheeple, sleeple and dhimmis

  5. flyingtigercomics permalink
    17 June 2014 @ 22:34 22:34

    People think that iraq is already a “vietnam” – due to poor education I guess – but in fact this is setting up the actual 1958 situation in Vietnam perfectly, after which a ten year REAL war can happen to enrich the military-industrial-congressional complex.

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