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‘Good Thing President Nobody Is Running Things’

15 June 2014 @ 20:11

Perhaps, the behavior in office of the fictional character known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’* can be explained by his extreme devotion to the Marxism people like his probable real father, er, mentor Frank Marshall Davis instilled in him [ie: no one should own anything].

Kevin Turner wrote the following letter to Mark Steyn that explains this crackerjack theory:

There is a certain theme to the Obama years: the problems left over by the Bush Administration simply could not be solved by anybody.

The financial crisis? Nobody could fix that in a mere two terms.

VA Scandal? Nobody has done anything about that for decades and nobody could have fixed it in two short terms.

Iraq and Afghanistan? Nobody could have turned obvious disasters into victories.

Gitmo? Nobody knows how to deal with prisoners of an undeclared war.

The amazing part is Obama voluntarily took this job on. No one forced him to run for office. It’s like buying a used car that you need to get to your job. The used car you buy is missing its four wheels. Your employer keeps asking you why you’re not at work and your excuse is “my car doesn’t have any wheels.” It is more valuable to Obama to have a way of pointing out how stupid the previous owner was for having no wheels on his car. His friends all despised that used car dealer, anyway. Plus Obama never wanted to go to work in the first place.

The idea that you own the problems of the previous administration is completely alien to him. I guess “owning” things is an outdated concept. Left over from some sort of ancient capitalist philosophy of property rights that Obama has no time for.

Good thing President Nobody is running things.

Kevin Turner

The only flaw in Mr. Turner’s theory, as far as I can see, is: if the ‘Obama’ used car-bus has no wheels, how has he been able to throw so many Fellow Travellers, Dupes, and Apparatchiks underneath it?

What makes ‘Obama’s’ feat even more extraordinary is the fact that his bus is not of your typical length:


*’Barack Hussein Obama’™©®∉ is a fictional character
created by David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett,
Bill Ayers, Barry Soetero, etc…

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