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Easter Monday Morning Comin’ Down

15 June 2014 @ 02:01

Friday Morning, I received this Tweet from Mr. B. [no relation to Mrs. B., my lovely bride]:

That link takes you to a post by Mackubin Thomas Owens, published early that Morning, entitled:


A 1973 French novel eerily prefigures our current immigration mess.

As you will recall, on Monday last, I published a post on the swarm of illegal immigrants now entering America via our southern border, in which I wrote:

Is not the the aid and comfort being provided by the national government to the swarm/invasion of illegal aliens currently pouring across the U.S. border simply just another modern Marxist version of this kind of Despotism at work?

Or, perhaps, what we’re witnessing is a modern version of the scenario presented in the novel The Camp Of The Saints?

Mr. Owens remarks at the beginning of his post:

I have not been much involved with the debate over immigration, mainly because there are so many others who know so much more about the topic than I. But the most recent affair involving the massive influx of unaccompanied children into the United States put me in mind of a novel I read long ago, one that seems to have been forgotten but needs to be reread: The Camp of the Saints, by the French writer Jean Raspail. William F. Buckley Jr. praised the book in 2004, but as far as I know, the only person to reference this book in connection with the current situation on the southern border of the United States has been Scott Johnson at the Power Line blog.

It’s nice to see that some people are making the connection.

From the Editors at Investor’s Business Daily [worth quoting in full]:

As an unprecedented wave of undocumented children from Central America spills over our Texas border, a veteran lawmen’s organization has declared it an “orchestrated” event. If so, who benefits?

To date, there hasn’t been a word from the White House or its agencies urging families in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador not to send their children alone through Mexico’s merciless badlands infested with cartel criminals to reach the U.S. There’s some Twitter activity and little else.

But the newspapers and television stations throughout Central America are falsely reporting that amnesty will be theirs if they can just make it through the Mexican obstacle course — and that the time to do it is now.

It doesn’t matter that these children are likely to succumb to desert heat, be snatched by vicious human traffickers, forced into prostitution, slavery or the drug trade, or simply murdered as has already happened to thousands, as the white crosses at the border can attest.

Not since the radio broadcasts that triggered Rwanda’s Tutsi massacres in 1994 has such false information been spread unchecked by authorities who might be able with just their words to make a difference.

U.S. embassy websites still have no warnings to Central Americans about not sending children north, and until recently the U.S. embassy in Guatemala’s website prominently featured links to President Obama’s campaign website with his speech declaring to Guatemalans that “our immigration system is broken.”

So no wonder the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, after 50,000 apprehensions of border crossers in south Texas, declared this week that “certainly we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States government.”

Besides the valuable observations of veteran lawmen who know the patterns of the border and can spot anomalies, the evidence that the flood of illegals is an orchestrated event, and not spontaneous, is piling up.

Not long ago, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a foe of illegal immigration, stated that based on evidence he’d seen and conversations he had with lawmen, there appeared to be an ongoing political campaign to destroy law enforcement at the border — something the former border agents called an effort to create “a failed state” on the border. If so, it’s a page straight out of the Cloward-Piven theory President Obama was so influenced by as a community organizer and at Columbia.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden, who frequently lets the truth slip out beyond the spin, stated this week that America needs a “constant” inflow of immigrants, supporting the argument that the White House is seeking a vast pool of illegal immigrants to ensure a long-term stream of Democrat voters.

The strategy is to create chaos — not just to punish political opponents such as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, whose state is becoming a dumping ground for Obama’s catch-and-release policy.

The idea of inflicting chaos for political purposes has been White House border policy for some time, based on its Fast and Furious scandal, in which thousands of U.S. weapons were allowed to reach Mexico’s cartels. It was done to create chaos in Mexico and the U.S. and, as a result, to whip up public support for gun control.

Such a strategy requires political loyalists, not lawmen dedicated to the law first. In 2009, President Obama so badly wanted La Raza board director Mari Aponte as U.S. ambassador to El Salvador that he installed her in the job in a recess appointment.

That conflict of interest between U.S. immigration law and La Raza — a group that strongly opposes U.S. immigration law— didn’t concern Obama. Indeed, it seemed that was why Aponte appealed to him. And he appointed her despite her anti-American past, including a relationship with an agent of Cuba’s secret intelligence service, the DGI. That scuppered her nomination as ambassador to the Dominican Republic in 1998.

There will be many who dismiss concerns about an orchestrated campaign. But the signs are everywhere. And there’s just one beneficiary to this misery on the border — the Obama White House.

When such a prestigious and sober group of people as the IBD Editors believe that all the evidence points to a conspiracy by elements of the national government to aid and abet such an invasion as we’re seeing, then you have to seriously consider their theory to be the most likely to be the Truth.

Sarah Palin remarks [tip of the fedora to Harriet Baldwin]:

Hang on to your hat, because here’s the issue: Barack Obama has orchestrated this newest “crisis” in order to overload the system with the intention of “fixing” the problems his own policies create – by fiat, and that infamous phone and pen; screw the rule of law. He’s warned you by proudly claiming his executive orders can bypass the peoples’ representatives and obviously ignore the will of the people.

This exploitation of foreigners’ children is an inhumane ploy to entice families to break laws by literally shoving kids across one of Obama’s infamous and irrelevant lines, with assurance that parents, aunties, step-uncles and third cousins twice removed will get to cut in line too – that sacred line that previously led law abiding, hardworking immigrants to build this great nation. Barack Obama will keep phoning in and penning the message that he will NOT secure borders, so, hey, extended undocumented relatives, you’re free to join the kids being used and abused to snag that golden ticket. Obama surely knows a nation is not a nation without borders, while we must surely know this is the “fundamental transformation of America” that he promised and some of us warned about.

Congress and American voters, how long will you let Team Obama get away with this? The recent avalanche of devastating crises caused by a president believing he is above the law has set the most dangerous precedent a once-free people can imagine. To encourage and reward lawlessness by refusing to enforce the will of the people as proven by laws passed by our political representatives is the signature of a tyrant. In this case, Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and his blatant suggestion that his chosen illegal activity will be rewarded are proof of his tyrannical tactics. The recent numerous manipulated “crises” have the media pinging and ponging trying to keep up with what is the scandal of the day, which one overshadows another, and how will they distract next, and who’s on first?! Purposeful decisions causing these crises are meant to overload the system, justify abuse of executive power to “fix” it all, and ultimately tighten control of the people.

So, how much more will you take, Congress and We the People?…

Good question, Mrs. Palin.

She does go on to answer it:

I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities, so the way to stop this is at the ballot box.

She’s correct about Washington, but I remain highly skeptical that even a repeat of 2010 at the 2014 ballot box will be enough to stop this Treason and restore The Rule Of Law and The Constitution.

France has given in. The inevitable has happened. Now there’s no turning back, despite a few isolated local accommodations worked out here and there, when the two opposing forces could find some common ground. The rest of the world, having long held its breath, will learn what has happened. Some will revel in our fall, some will suffer along with us, depending on where their sympathies lie. But it’s not my intention to present a panorama of our seething planet on that Easter Monday morning. The facts are still fresh. Then too, it would take volumes….

—Jean Raspail, The Camp Of The Saints, Chapter Forty-Seven

  1. 15 June 2014 @ 10:51 10:51

    And at this time, with every thing, we see the slow death of our society.

  2. 16 June 2014 @ 08:02 08:02

    Guess we’d better start making room for all the sensible Americans over here. From the sound of things you might fill a three carriage train, and that’s with your surfboards included.
    We here in The Great South Land have not given up. Currently we have former Prime Sinister Julia Gillard – aliases include Ranga Monsterarse, The Bogan Vuvuzela, The Droner From Altona, Joooolya, and Australia’s Worst Prime Minister Ever – answering questions before a Royal Commission.
    It’s not likely to be coincidence therefore that AWPME will be answering questions from one Diane Rehm this week. Being the helpful so and sos that we are, many Australians have provided Ms Rehm with some useful background on her guest.

    • 16 June 2014 @ 08:11 08:11

      Correction – Gillard is not before the RC in person yet, but has featured rather prominently in evidence given so far.


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