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Why Is @SenRandPaul Associating With A Known Dhimmi Collaborator?

12 June 2014 @ 20:16

There has rightly been a big brouhaha on the Right about this news…

From Breitbart, Tony Lee reporting, we learn:

A day after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost his primary after Dave Brat hammered him on amnesty, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) embraced “immigration reform” on a conference call with Michael Bloomberg’s pro-amnesty group and Grover Norquist.

Paul, a potential 2016 contender, reportedly said that “amnesty is a word that’s trapped us,” and, according to CNN, emphasized, “If you want immigration reform, there has to be openness to compromise.” Earlier on Wednesday, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh declared that when politicians in Washington say “immigration reform” what they really mean is “amnesty.”

“I say everywhere I go, ‘I am for immigration reform,’” Paul said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Paul participated in a monthly call with Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy and Norquist that seeks to push Congress to pass amnesty legislation this year….

I’m not concerned here with the Senator’s positions on immigration issues.  Rand Paul is wrong on what to do about Illegal Aliens, but, frankly, I’m not surprised at his position because he is, at best, a libertarian conservative, and they are usually gung-ho for open borders and amnesty.

There’s something much more disturbing here…

Back in December of 2012, I wrote:

It’s seems that conservatives may finally be waking up to the fact that Grover Norquist is not worthy of leading any of our troops into battle.

He is severely compromised by his alliances with Muslim Terrorists and his sympathy with Islam.

Apparently, Senator Paul is still fast asleep on his bed of willful ignorance.

Grover Norquist: Useful Idiot of the Jihad.

Grover Norquist: Useful Idiot of the Jihad.

As I’ve documented here many times and as has Discover The Networks extensively, Norquist is a voluntary and compliant partner with those who aid and abet Mohammedins bent on destroying The United States through Stealth Jihad and acts of terrorism.  Norquist, in fact, deals directly with the Stealth Jihadists.  He is the lowest-of-the-low kind of American: a willing collaborator with our Enemies.

Senator Paul continues to disappoint and show himself to be nothing but a Hack, another one of the ‘faux fighters for freedom and liberty’.

If conservatives or Classical Liberals rally around him in 2016, then they are sapheads and chumps.

  1. dangerdaveo permalink
    12 June 2014 @ 23:03 23:03

    The worse the conditions at the border become the better chance a hardline approach to securing the boarder will become.

    Hopefully, Ted Cruz is warming up his fastball in the Bullpen.

  2. smmtheory permalink
    12 June 2014 @ 23:32 23:32

    While I believe that immigration law needs a full reformation from the bottom up, I think at this point all (as in 100%) immigration to this country should be halted for the foreseeable future until the immigrants residing in DC are run out of town on a rail. Or until we adopt the Israeli resolution used on Gaza. Wall them off from the rest of the country so that we can limit their acts of terrorism.

  3. 13 June 2014 @ 13:05 13:05

    Damn it, Bob, wtf is wrong with these “republicans” anyway. All the loot they get at CPAC must be clouding their judgement or something. And whose ass do I have to kick to get them to stop calling INVADERS ” immigrants”?
    My mom is an immigrant, she worked her ass off to come here LEGALLY and then worked even harder to EARN her American citizenship. Those gutless word twisting invader coddling sons of bitches insult her and also all of our intelligence with their bullshit and they need to stop.
    Damn it all to hell, Bob, these traitors are driving me nuts. Throw ALL the bums out, no incumbents, I don’t think we can trust any of em.

  4. David R. Graham permalink
    13 June 2014 @ 18:33 18:33

    Good post, good point, thanks. I have long known norquist is a dhimmi, but I had not till now put the fact high on my priority list. You are right, it belongs there and is now.


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