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‘No…Bob Has Not Been Sent To GITMO – Not Yet, Anyways’

08 June 2014 @ 19:55

Mrs. B. and I decided to spend some time driving through some of small, old towns in our area and, wouldn’t you know it, but we ended-up at one of our favorite restaurant/bars, where, after a delightful outdoor lunch, we found ourselves unable to pass the bar without visiting with some of our old friends, Gin-ny and Mark of Maker’s.

It’s amazing how these things work out, eh?

Heck, on the way home, we were compelled to stop by an old bar, whose name has been changed, just to inquire why this had occurred and wound-up in a delightful conversation with a UPS Driver who had escaped Columbia in the 1980’s and made a new life here [legally] in America.  He’s thinking of going back because America is starting to remind him of the state his native country was in back when he got the Hell out of it.

Now, being in my [early] fifties, these kind of drives take a lot out of me, IYKWIMAITYD, so I have spent most of this lovely Sunday trying not to move around too much.

But, now, I’m back, which I am sure has the Bolshes and Quislings trembling in their shoes.

SIDENOTE: I am happy to report that the lovelier-every-day Mrs. B. has officially become a fan of Mike Ness and Social Distortion — the Country-fied version.

A near-perfect weekend.

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