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Thought For The Day

05 June 2014 @ 07:17

Special guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G.

Statecraft comprises three components: Diplomatics – Finance – War Fighting.

Diplomatics comprises three components: See Thoroughly – Hear Carefully – Speak Softly.
These components of Diplomatics may be described as: Clear Eyes – Clear Ears – Clear Voice.
These components of Diplomatics also may be described as: Spying – Influencing – Negotiating.

Finance comprises three components: Stability – Fluidity – Impartiality.
These components of Finance may be described as: Strong Body – Hard Mind – Soft Heart.
These components of Finance also may be described as: Acquiring – Husbanding – Distributing.

War Fighting comprises three components: Constant Readiness – Quiet Vigilance – Lethal Seriousness.
These components of War Fighting may be described as: Active Feet – Open Eyes – Raised Arms.
These components of War Fighting also may be described as: Drill – Anticipate – Hit.

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