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America In 2014 A.D. – A Swamp Of Tyranny

03 June 2014 @ 07:56

While I spend a good deal of my time in these Dispatches railing against the Tyranny of the national government, I try never to forget that such Despotism exists at the lower levels of government, especially at the state level.

Since the national government began it’s grab for Power And Control over the state governments under the Progressives during the Administrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, which accelerated to ramming speed under FDR, the Several States have been slowly reduced to being almost nothing more than administrative units of the Government Of The United States.

What little independence [relative to the enormous power they possessed when The Constitution was passed] they retain is now, in many instances, used in the service of furthering the Silent Revolution being waged by the Left In America. Even in those of the Several States where the conservative [ie: Founding] spirit remains, too many of those on our side have allowed themselves to be guided by the Leftist way of thinking that has been drummed into all of our minds since we were children.

We have reached a situation where almost nowhere in this Country is safe from the Tyrannies of government, be it located in Washington or in state houses or in county commissioner offices or city and town halls.

All of these levels of government have become separate fronts in the ongoing war being waged by the Left to destroy every last vestige of The Founding. No matter where we go, some form of Despotism is there to thwart our efforts to live as free men and women, possessed of inalienable rights granted to us by a power beyond Human control. We are not simply surrounded by Tyranny, we’re engulfed by it.

Caesar Rodney‘: [a brawl has broken out] Stop it! Stop it!…The enemy’s out there!

‘John Dickinson’: No, Mr Rodney, the enemy is here!

‘Caesar Rodney’: No! I say he’s out there! England! England closing in, cutting off our air! There’s no time! [suddenly very weak] No air…

From CBS-Denver, we learn of another victory for the Despots, who are Legion. This report is worth posting in full:

The owner of a bakery in Lakewood said he will no longer sell wedding cakes after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled he did discriminate against a gay couple when he refused to sell them a cake. Jack Phillips owns Masterpiece Cakeshop. In 2012, David Mullins and Charlie Craig went to the shop to order a cake for their upcoming wedding reception. They planned to marry in Massachusetts and have a reception in Colorado.

Phillips said he doesn’t believe in gay marriage and he refused to sell them a cake.

“We would close down the bakery before we would complicate our beliefs,” Phillips said after the hearing. Phillips also admitted he had refused service to other same-sex couples.

A judge previously ruled a business owner cannot refuse service to a customer on the basis of sexual orientation. Phillips appealed to the commission, but it upheld the decision.

That prompted Phillips to decide he would no longer make any wedding cakes. He said he would be fine selling cupcakes for a birthday party for someone who is gay but added, “I don’t want to participate in a same-sex wedding.”

The commission also ordered the baker to submit quarterly reports about the customers he refuses to serve and retrain employees to serve everyone.

For the couple, they said they always believed they were in the right and it was important to pursue the case for future customers.

“We’ve already been discriminated there,” Mullins said. “We’ve already been treated badly. [BOB: Poor, poor, pitiful Special Snowflakes]

“The next time a gay couple wanders in there asking for a wedding cake, they won’t have the experience we had.

“They will have a responsible experience and leave feeling respected.”

Yeah…but they won’t leave with a wedding cake [rimshot]. But, hey, that wasn’t your real goal anyways – am I right [no need for a question mark, eh?].

And a lovely precedent has been set that will be exploited ruthlessly and relentlessly by this mutant beast known as the ‘Colorado Civil Rights Commission’.

Perversion isn’t always a sexual deviance.

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    America In 2014 A.D. – A Swamp Of Tyranny

  2. Starless permalink
    04 June 2014 @ 08:02 08:02

    If gay marriage is as super duper popular and the public is so convinced of the moral rightness of it as the gay marriage crusaders keep telling us, why the need for all of these lawsuits? Why not let businesses which don’t serve gay couples fail on their own in the marketplace? Are we supposed to believe that there are so few bakers and florists (!) who are sympathetic toward, and willing to do business with, gay couples that the ones who aren’t and won’t must be sued into submission (or out of business)?

    FFS, even Gabriel Malory seems to think that the “public accommodation” argument regarding gay marriage has been taken to absurd new heights.

    Here’s a hypothetical I know they don’t want to answer: what happens when a devoutly Muslim baker–let’s say he’s the best wedding cake baker in all of the history of wedding cake baking and the couple is willing to pay a ridiculously high premium price for his wedding cake baking wizardry–refuses to bake a cake with crucifixes all over it for a Christian couple?


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