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The Disgrace That Is The V.A.

29 May 2014 @ 20:15

-I’m sure I’m not alone in finding myself sometimes shaking in anger as I hear another report of the horrible treatment of our veterans by the Veterans Administration.

Anyone who put on the uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces agreed to sacrifice their lives if necessary to protect and defend the people of The United States and they were made a series of promises by the elected representatives of the national government acting in our name.  One of those promises was that their medical needs would be met, especially if they were injured in the course of sacrificing and giving their all for us.

That the VA model for caring for our Armed Forces was born with a major flaw — that it would provide care based on a Socialist model — was bad enough.  But for the last five-plus years, it has been in the hands of people who despise every noble and honorable aspect of our Military and has lead to a situation that is Disgusting and Criminal.

Americans, who were freely and happily willing to die for The United States in order to preserve The Republic and all it stands for, have died as a result of the Criminal Neglect of the Anti-Americans [ie: the Left In America] who control the Executive and Legislative Branches of the national government.  Those not of the Left, but content for ignoble reasons to be their willing Useful Idiots, ready to accede to their rule without a fight, are guilty of being Accessories before, during, and after the fact of the Crimes.

This is not a scandal; it is a heinous crime.

At the very least, the people responsible should be Shunned and Driven from office.

This is a Disgrace, a blood-soaked stain on the fabric of The Republic that may never fade.

-For thorough coverage of the hearings the House held last night on the crimes at the VA, please click here and read a compilation by the Darc Prynce, over at the Daley Gator — this is the kind of reporting our professional reporter class can’t seem to achieve too often any more [tip of the fedora to Mike G].

  1. 29 May 2014 @ 21:15 21:15

    Makes me have second thoughts about getting a colonoscopy at the Dorn VA hospital.

    • 29 May 2014 @ 21:17 21:17

      On second thought, that might be unfair. They did do a good job with my 7mm Kidney stone and the treatment for HEP C.

  2. Yank III permalink
    29 May 2014 @ 21:40 21:40

    “This is a Disgrace, a blood-soaked stain on the fabric of The Republic that may never fade.”

    It should never fade, it should be in our face every day forever. I’ve been listening to friends complain about the same thing for 40 odd years, this isnt new its just worse but its never been good much less acceptable. That Obama is taking the hit matters nothing to me. The people who should hang, literally, are those in every VA hospital who did nothing about what they know and saw every day.. the nurses, doctors and all levels of management in every damn VA hospital should be dragged into the streets and horse whipped and it still wouldnt be enough ..but then it doesnt rally matter because the media wont report any of the truth, the politicians will cover up their states complicity and the vets will take another hit and the treasonous scumbags in office will keep spilling the blood of Americas best until they all figure out they shouldnt be serving our enemies any more.

  3. Starless permalink
    30 May 2014 @ 07:37 07:37

    In my entire life, the best thing I’ve ever heard about receiving treatment from the VA is that it’s “free”.

    Since this scandal broke, whenever it’s come up on the only talking heads show I bother to watch with any frequency anymore (“The Five” — can you say “leg chair”?), I’ve watched the only liberal on the show consistently go into his rage-drunk act, bellowing the question, “Do you really believe they [Barack Obama and all VA civil servants] don’t care about vet’rans?!” With the implied HOWDAREYOU! And I’ve waited, to no avail, for one of the conservatives sitting next to him to explain that it is clear from the Administration’s actions and inactions that they don’t.

    The truism that a bureaucracy’s main function is to preserve and grow itself just so happens to actually be true. Everyone with a few functioning neurons knows this and to pretend that somehow the VA is the only bureaucracy which is immune from this truth because of sacred honor…or something…is an obvious and ridiculous lie. Saying that they care about vet’rans and value their service is a preprogrammed response for politicians and civil servants, not some statement of their closely held values. We need to shine a light and compare what they have and have not done with what they say. The more we do that, the clearer it becomes that what they say is bullshit.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      30 May 2014 @ 07:47 07:47

      Damn well put.

      On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 7:37 AM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:


      • Starless permalink
        30 May 2014 @ 23:07 23:07


        This business of believing people when they say they care about veterans is sort of like saying that everyone loves children and thinks they’re precious. Really? Have they looked at the world we live in? Have they seen what actually happens?

        And I keep hearing everyone giving Shinseki all kinds of benefit of the doubt. Okay, he served his country as a soldier and was wounded himself. That’s all to his credit, but he’s been VA director since 2009. What did he do about these wait times that were terrible and everyone knew about? Was he up his subordinates’ asses every day about it? Did he demand real proof, not just reports, that things were improving?

        Evidently he didn’t, so I’m more than a little skeptical that even he cared as much about his fellow veterans as he claims.

        Finally, Obama needs to shut his f*cking wordhole about this issue unless it’s to humbly apologize for not doing a single damn thing he promised to do about this problem.

  4. 30 May 2014 @ 14:52 14:52

    Purge the VA. With whips and fire would be fine, but I’d settle for going after the government employee unions.


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