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The True Colors Of The Obamaite Left

27 May 2014 @ 20:30

Another Obamaite Praises Red China…

From Steven Hayward, we learn:

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s former regulatory “czar” and one of the smartest and most devious thinkers on the left, has a highly revealing Bloomberg column out this week reporting on the results of a study of the way China has attempted indoctrination in its school system.  This column and the underlying study (it’s an NBER paper, behind a paywall unless you have academic access) are useful as background reading for everyone who is rightly concerned about how Common Core standards will likely become the means of nationalizing a liberal school curriculum.  (What?  You mean you aren’t reassured by the promises from Washington that if you like your local curriculum, you can keep your local curriculum?  Why ever not?)

Sunstein reports that

recent curricular reforms in China, explicitly designed to transform students’ political views, have mostly worked. The findings offer remarkable evidence about the potential influence of the high school curriculum on what students end up thinking. . .

The crucial finding from the study is that the new curriculum greatly affected students’ thinking. They became more likely to count the Chinese political system as democratic. They displayed a higher level of trust in public officials. They were more skeptical of free markets, and more likely to reject the view that a market economy is preferable to any other economic system. . .

Sunstein, a leading advocate for increased government power across the board, is likely envious of China’s prowess at indoctrination….

While In Red China Itself…

From The London Daily Mail, Damien Gayle reporting, we learn:

Dozens of elderly Chinese people have been killing themselves to avoid a looming ban on burials.

The elderly suicides want to make sure their deaths are registered before a June 1 deadline, after which Anhui province authorities will close all cemeteries.

Anyone who dies after that date will have to be cremated because, authorities say, cemeteries are taking up too much space.

In order to drive the message home council officials have been visiting funeral parlours and smashing up coffins.

The draconian move has only hastened the rate of suicide as elderly people rush to guarantee one of the few remaining.

Local media has reported dozens of cases in which elderly people have killed themselves in order to qualify for a burial.

Zhang Wenying, 81, hanged herself on May 13. She left behind a note saying she had ended it all to make sure she could have a decent death, and she expected to be buried.

Question: Do they cremate the hundreds of millions of girls aborted or left for dead because of the one-child policy?


Tainted Love…

This love of things Red Chinese tells you a lot about the mentality of those who inhabit the Obama Corner of the Left In America.

I think we can conclude that the reason Leftists like Cass Sunstein support allowing illegals to enter this country at will with no consequences is because they are, in fact, alien to America.

Yes, there are Barbarians at our gates, but they’re simply a different tribe from the ones that have been inside for a long time and have taken over what once was a glorious constitutional republic.


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    It’s the people who don’t realize who these guys are, and what they want that scare me. Ones bought off with trinkets, and supporting them, not knowing the final goals. The hard part will be convincing people what the left actually wants.


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