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Conclusive Proof Obtained: @SenRandPaul Is Just Another Hack

26 May 2014 @ 01:11

While I have praised some of the actions and positions taken by Rand Paul, I have never gushed over the man, nor stated conclusively that, in my opinion, he’s one of us.

I have kept a weary eye focused on him because he is (1) a politician and they all deserve it, (2) so many conservatives have gone to Washington with noble intentions but have let themselves be absorbed into the Hive Mind, and (3) his father is a nut-job and often the fruit does not fall from the tree.

Now we learn, thanks to Jeff Goldstein, that Rand Paul is just another Hack politician.

Jeff received a letter from the Senator that lays out clearly his perfidy.

Here it is:

Jeff G,

As you know, my friend and colleague Mitch McConnell has just won the Kentucky Republican Primary and is poised to become the next Majority Leader of the United States Senate. Mitch has boldly led the Republicans in the Senate against Barack Obama’s liberal agenda and he needs your help to keep the fight going against Harry Reid, President Obama, and their hand-picked candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes in November. The momentum gained by Republicans here in Kentucky will allow us to fire Harry Reid, vote to repeal Obamacare, and make Mitch the next Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

With Mitch McConnell in the Senate, Kentucky is leading America. He is fighting for our Eastern Kentucky coal families against Barack Obama’s War on Coal. He is fighting for our small-business owners burdened by the crippling costs of Obamacare and high taxes. He is fighting for our middle-class families who are hurting under the failed policies of the Obama Administration. Your financial support is crucial to keep Mitch fighting for Kentucky families. Please contribute what you can to his Republican Victory Moneybomb today.


You can always count on Mitch to stand strong for our conservative principles. Not only does he have my full support, he is also endorsed by the American Conservative Union, National Right to Life, and the National Rifle Association.

My Republican colleagues in the Senate are rallying behind Mitch because we know his leadership has kept our party strong and united. Not only did he ensure every Senate Republican voted against the disaster that was Obamacare, but he has led us in the fight to repeal it and helped stop the liberals in their tracks last year when they tried to force gun control on the American people. As conservatives, we must unite around Mitch and send a strong message to the Barack Obama liberals who want to impose their values on us in Kentucky. The liberals have made him their number one target this November because they know they know he is Barack Obama’s biggest obstacle in the Senate. I am committed to backing Mitch all the way to a great Republican victory this November.

I hope you will join him now by contributing to his Republican Victory Moneybomb. While President Obama needs Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky and the nation need Mitch McConnell.

Rand Paul
U.S. Senator – Kentucky

Jeff’s response to Paul is a thing of beauty that I strongly urge you all to read and savor, but here’s a taste:

There’s a reason Nancy Pelosi opined for the old days, when the TEA Party candidates didn’t muck up the works, and when she was able to work comfortably with Republicans. And that’s because the GOP statists have allowed the country to drift ever leftward, even during years when they controlled the entirety of the government.

So no. I won’t support Mitch McConnell. And frankly, I think that any conservative who does out of some commitment to “team” is simply showing the ruling class that, in the end, the sheep will follow their self-appointed shepherds no matter how much those shepherds despise the majority of their flock.

As I wrote back in February of 2013, when the Senator voted for Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary Of Defense:

For the past number of months, Senator Rand Paul has been trying to position himself as the de facto leader of elected conservatives and Classical Liberals.

Example: He made a trip to Israel, where he seemed to be attempting to show that, unlike his Father, he was not an isolationist.

In a world beset by traitors to the Conservative / Classical Liberal Crusade, Mr. Paul was clearly aiming to shore up his bona fides with us.

With his vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary Of Defense, Rand Paul has shown that the fruit has not fallen far from the old fruit tree.

This was a major battle in the resistance to the forces of the Left In America who are trying [and, so far, succeeding] in turning the government of The United States into a banana republic and Paul took the side of Corruptocrats.

He voted for an ignorant man totally unqualified to be SecDef, whose views appear to be Anti-Semitic and who is pro-Muslim.

I concluded:

The mask has been torn off another wolf in Common Sense clothing.

Rand Paul must be thrown into the elephant graveyard with all of the other faux fighters for freedom and liberty.

We’re in a situation where we really cannot afford to place much trust in any political figures, as we have had to learn again today.

We’re on our own.

Nothing’s changed, except what was then speculation on my part is now supplemented by conclusive evidence of guilt.

Rand Paul is a Hack.

  1. 26 May 2014 @ 14:04 14:04

    I’m not surprised, though. McConnell did not go after Paul after he won the primary in 2010. It’s one of those quid-pro-quo deals that happen all the time in politics.

  2. 27 May 2014 @ 13:52 13:52

    Don’t forget Rand’s mealy mouth mush concerning Amnesty. I especially despise his use of liberal dogma when speaking to a college or Hispanic crowd. He’s Romney in libertarian clothing. You can never out left the left but Rand and other GOP establishment types still think that’s the way to win elections. Originally I didn’t trust him now I despise him.

    • 27 May 2014 @ 13:58 13:58

      I agree w/ your comment Benson II. Rand Paul could win the nomination easily with a principled stand against amnesty and by taking the lead against it with the House of Representatives. But Rand has other goal$ in mind, sadly. It’s a shame – Rand showed his true colors. Same with Ted Cruz, who blew his load on trying to stop Obamacare when he could’ve used his platform much more effectively to de-rail the bigger threat; amnesty. Disappointing all the way around. Ambition + PAC $$ is a death knell for small government anti-amnesty types like us.

      I disagree with the blog owner’s take above on Chuck Hagel. Hagel may be dim-witted, but he’s generally considered to be against interventionism that the War Party espouses. I was not that tore about supporting Hagel.


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