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Hillary And #Benghazi Summarized

24 May 2014 @ 00:51

Done succinctly and completely in a mere 139 words by Adjoran, in remarks made in the Comments section of a post by Stacy McCain:

2012-09-11-Death-of-Ambassador-StevensHillary is in it up to her ears.

It was her responsibility to ensure adequate security (AND there was no funding shortage, as some lying Democrats still claim but even State agrees was not the problem) beforehand.

Where was she after her phone call to Obama while the attack was ongoing? What was she doing? We don’t know anything about what she OR Obama were doing while our people were being killed — EXCEPT where they were NOT: the Situation Room.

Then she participated in the video lie, even to the parents of the fallen, days later when she HAD to have known it was a lie (but also that Rice was about to lie to the country on five Sunday shows).

Anyone stupid enough to think this conniving whore is fit for office should not be qualified to vote.

Dead solid perfect.

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