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Thought For The Day

23 May 2014 @ 19:45

Guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G.

It’s The Bureaucrats

Bureau-archy. Rule by rent-seeking power junkies who make rules for others.

No matter whether Republicans or Democrats live in the White House, major in Congress or conduct the courts, bureaucrats target Republicans. And if they have Republican bosses who act to restrain their avidity for tormenting Republicans, they shriek at their media mouthpieces. “Political interference!” Pieces mouth outrage at Republicans and off go bureaucrats to spread into more host: non-bureaucrat taxpayers, especially Republicans.

Bureaucrats are Democrats.

This is how it works. Ergo, changing political parties per se cannot restrain the bureau-archy. No political party and no political, economic or social principles can trim them. Only non-bureaucrat taxpayers can do that … by focusing on doing that instead of on electing candidates of a political party or representatives of political, economic or social principles.

At its core, the Tea Party movement reacts against bureaucrats. It is not for politicians or even principles, it is against bureau-archy. It is not for Republicans or Democrats or any other political partisans, it is against rent-seeking power junkies. The movement’s power is its negativity, its will to take out the trash, not its enthusiasm for a political candidate. Scott Brown mistook will to negate bureau-archy for will to affirm a candidate.

Ronald Reagan understood who the enemy of liberty really is. The bureau-archy, comprised of rent-seeking power junkies, is the enemy of liberty. This is why The Eleventh Commandment. Not that Republicans are morally pure. Who is? Just that they are not — nor really are Democrats per se — the enemy. Target only the enemy. Bureaucrats in their bureau-archy are the enemy. Let us focus on finding ways to cut them up and clean them out. Convert them to their proper status as a small servant class. Deprive them of immunity, personally.

If we would support a politician, let it be because they really want to purge the bureau-archy. If we would abjure a politician, let it be because they lack desire to purge the bureau-archy. Let their commitment radically to purge the bureau-archy determine whether we support a politician or not. No other discriminator is required.

Politicians create bureau-archy to give themselves plausible deniability and bureaucrats expand it to give themselves sincecures and domination scenarios and gratifications.

Meanwhile, we negate the assumption that government is responsible for everyone and everything. The power of negation exceeds the power of affirmation. Use it. Have fun.

[Please do check out The Rev’s blog Theological Geography.]

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    27 May 2014 @ 15:27 15:27

    Good to see someone else pounding this drum. It is indeed the fourth branch that runs this former republic and the reason no matter who is in the WH the left is always in power.

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