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The 24 Hour Party People

17 May 2014 @ 00:40

AKA: The Conservative Beautiful People.

These are people who claim they are conservatives while they hobnob with the Elites, who are nearly all Leftists — and the original ‘Beautiful People’ [the often wealthy, the ‘gifted’, the in-crowd, the ‘Cool Kids’, the leading lights of Society].

The Conservative Beautiful People seek acceptance by their fellow Conservative Beautiful People, engaging in an incestuous, never-ending dance with them and they also desire to be accepted by the Rockefeller Republicans, those leaders of the GOP Establishment who have as their crowning achievement playing good foils and second-bananas in the national government and in making good sport losers who can deliver lovely concession speeches.

One of the members of this cocktail circuit of loserdom, this salon of second-raters, is Larry Kudlow.  He was, at one time, a fighting, Reaganite conservative, but, since he overcame his serious drug addiction and has gotten older, he has joined the Club Beautific, being a strong advocate of Amnesty for Illegal Criminal Immigrants.

From all reports, he is a nice man who has achieved a humbleness that is worthy of the Faith that helped him beat his demons.  And, so, he was the guest of honor at a dinner recently in New York, hosted by Rockefeller Republican and loser/pathetic Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis and his wife.

The guest list is a who’s-who of Beautiful People, but two names on it should disquiet true conservatives.

From Page Six, Emily Smith reporting:

Free-market capitalist Larry Kudlow was celebrated by a power crowd at the Four Seasons restaurant Tuesday night.

The sharp-suited conservative economist was fêted at a dinner hosted by John and Margo Catsimatidis.

Billionaire magnate John read out a letter from “the last president that we all loved,” President George W. Bush, adding “I have to say that very diplomatically, I don’t want the IRS coming after me.”

Guests included Gov. Mike Pence, Gov. Scott Walker, economist Art Laffer, former senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Steve Forbes, who told Kudlow, “You should be heading the Federal Reserve today.”

Others toasting Kudlow included Fox News’ Monica Crowley and Melissa Francis, CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Steve Moore, Roger Hertog and Mark Simone.

If I could, I would ask Governors Pence and Walker if they make a habit of hanging around with The Conservative Beautiful People, if they consider the members of the GOP Establishment worthy of their respect.

It’s the same type of question Sam or John Adams would have asked [and in a few cases did ask] of their fellow Patriots who hobnobbed with British Officers or appointed Crown officials.

We are engaged in a desperate fight to Restore our Freedoms and Liberties.  And one of our biggest obstacles is that many of those who claim they are on our side are, in fact, Loyalists to the Despotic Regime that now rules in our Post-Constitutional America.

We cannot afford to misplace our trust in any individuals who make nice with The Enemy.  They must always be suspect because, Human Nature being what it is, when you spend time with anyone surrounded by a friendly atmosphere, you develop an affection for that person, you develop a sympathy for he or she, and that colors your actions.  Therefore, that makes you subject to letting your feelings overrule your Right Reason.

This is a life and death struggle we are involved in.  There are only two possible outcomes: we will regain our God-given Freedoms and Liberties or we will be slaves.

We cannot risk ‘sleeping with the enemy’, nor can we trust anyone who does — the stakes are too high.

We must not conclude merely upon a man’s haranguing upon liberty, and using the charming sound, that he is fit to be trusted with the liberties of his country.

—Samuel Adams

  1. 17 May 2014 @ 06:50 06:50

    It’s the money thing at this point. Everyone is after the filthy lucre, and the Establishment has it. If you say stuff to please both sides, you can hopefully get more. And taking someone’s money and going against them would be pretty nifty.

    • Starless permalink
      17 May 2014 @ 07:26 07:26

      Except that the usual track seems to be that they take the money, get elected, move to DC, and then get assimilated into the Beltway Borg Collective. Something happens to their principles on the way to Washington and I’m guessing it’s implants. Yes, definitely implants.

  2. wildriver permalink
    17 May 2014 @ 07:29 07:29

    Do you ever read Gary North, he has consistently, for years written truth, and yet nothing changes.
    Here is an excerpt from one of his articles that though the names are changed, the subject is still the same, conservatives don’t get it.

    …”Snowden has proven, as no one in my era has better proved, that exposure of the Bad Guys in government has no negative effect on them.

    If exposure does come, and the public does nothing to thwart the hidden Bad Guys, then the Bad Guys no longer have to worry about further exposure. It will be old news. At this point, they can do even more to secure their position of power. The pressure blows over. There may be a time of bad publicity, but this does not change anything fundamental.”…



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