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Guiltless Pleasures: Rainbow – Part II

17 May 2014 @ 19:44

Last week I posted videos from Rainbow from it’s post-Ronnie James Dio period.

This week, a day after the fourth anniversary of his death, I present Rainbow songs from their best period when Ronnie James was with the band.

-Kill the King / He’ll rule no more / Strike him dead…

-Still we close our eyes…Not again…

-When she comes for me / She’s got my life in her hands…

-One day in the year of the fox / Came a time remembered well…

-I think you’re ready to see / The gates of Babylon…

-Since my baby left me I’ve been losing, I’ve been losing, baby I’ve been losing my mind…

-No sighs or mysteries…She lay golden in the sun…

-Someone’s screaming my name…’Come and make me holy again’…

Requiescat in pace, my friend.


  1. 17 May 2014 @ 20:36 20:36

    Ready for you this time, still got the turntable hooked up and I found the albums in the basement. Still got the disgusted wife.

    Tonight it’s Pat Travers (Boom, Boom out go the lights), Styx- “Equinox” and REO Speedwagon,- “You get what you play for” to go along with some Old Style. ( I really miss the old “Dubuque Star” or “”Pickett’s Premium (a true oxymoron if there ever one one”.)

    Maybe next week I’ll go Canadian with Drewry’s, “April Wine”, “Rush”and “The Kings”

  2. 18 May 2014 @ 08:33 08:33

    Sang about rainbows and magic. Still metal.

    Got a good one for you, Tony. Jumping back in time with Saxon “Princess of the night”.


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