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‘Honestly, It’s Revolting’

15 May 2014 @ 20:17

So writes Jeff Goldstein in a post commenting upon Eli Lake’s report that several House Republican Committee Chairman are not happy that a special select committee has been formed to investigate The Benghazi Massacre.

Quisling-Flag-001-600x375It had been my intention to blog about this report this evening because I was unable to this morning, but Jeff beat me to it and he made pretty much the same points I would have, so there’s  no point in rehashing them here.

I would urge you to click here and read his commentary on these spineless Quisling Chairmen who deserve to have their chairs pulled out from them when they next try to sit.  [Tip of the fedora to Mark Levin for alerting me to Mr Lake’s report.]

As Jeff remarks in his post on the attitudes of the GOP Leadership, ‘Honestly, it’s revolting’ and this news should cause the conservatives in the House — if they still possess any Virtue — to revolt against the whole GOP Leadership, but, knowing that most of them are just as pussified as the Quislings, I won’t be expecting them to.

Dammit — doesn’t anyone have any testicular fortitude anymore?

Rise and Fight or don’t you dare call yourselves Americans.


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