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Thought For The Day

09 May 2014 @ 07:35

Guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G.

Ecology And Economics

The word ecology is a Greek compound word meaning knowledge of how to make something. For example, in the case of man, ecology means knowledge of how to make a building or a flower arrangement, and in the case of God, knowledge of how to make a Universe (that which turns to one). The automobile in your driveway is an ecological result. Someone knew how to make it. The bed you sleep on is a prodigy of ecology. Someone knew how to make that. So is the fuel that heats and cools your home. All things large and small result from knowledge of how to make them. Everything is ecological. Everything at all.

Ecology means, literally, knowledge of the whole, and as Hegel said, the truth is the whole. Ecology means knowledge of the whole truth of something or other, anything or other.

The word economics is a Greek compound word meaning building things out and up. Literally, naming a thing, large or small, that has been made. What you build you name. Your clothes are economics. You name them clothes. Your family is economics. You name them family. Whatever you build is named and therefore is economics. Economy is building things. Literally, naming things one has made. The Universe is God’s economics. He made it and named it. The food you prepared is your economics. You made it and named it. In fact, you named it, whatever it is, by making it. Human economics is really divine economics. Building things up and out – economics – is the same whether done by God or done by man. It is creation.

Economics is making a whole culture. A culture is that which is able to grow on its own, like a plant. Economics is not making money. It is making things which conduce to culture. A company is in business to make things people need, not to stack money. Profit is for making things and improving things made. That includes fostering creators of things (workers) and their families.

Trying to arrest building by either man or God is anti-ecology and anti-economic. It is doomed. Another person is not another mouth to feed. They are more hands to make things, more minds to work. They are divine. Let everyone have an equal chance to prove themselves by building up and out from whatever it is that they have. Not more, not less, just what they have when they came into this breathing world. That is the only equality one will ever have and all that God ever expects of one. Prove yourself with whatever you have been given, much or little. That is the expectation. Not that you have much or little but that you use whatever you have to build, up and out. And if that expectation is not fulfilled, you are doomed. Very seriously and most certainly doomed. Hear me, criminals, hear me!

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