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Teaching With The Enemy

06 May 2014 @ 08:47

You may have heard about this disturbing incident…

From KTLA, Melissa Pamer reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Ed Driscoll]:

The Rialto school district planned to revise an eighth-grade assignment that raised red flags by asking students to consider arguments about whether the Holocaust — the systematic killing by the Nazis of some 6 million Jews and millions of others — was not an “actual event” but instead a “propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain.”

In a statement released Monday, a spokeswoman for the Rialto Unified School District said an academic team was meeting to revise the assignment.

Hearing about this story, I had to ask: What friggin’ kind of American school superintendent would authorize such a disgusting assignment to be part of his curriculum?

Anyway…more from the report:

Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam was set to talk with administrators to “assure that any references to the holocaust ‘not occurring’ will be stricken on any current or future Argumentative Research assignments,” a statement from district spokeswoman Syeda Jafri read.

“The holocaust should be taught in classrooms with sensitivity and profound consideration to the victims who endured the atrocities committed,” Jafri said.

Ahhh….question answered.

By The Way: If you needed another reason to oppose the Common Core program [as if!], here it is:

The school district initially defended the assignment, with Jafri saying it was meant to engage students in “critical thinking.”

The district’s “CORE team” planned meet to revise the assignment, Jafri said in her statement provided to KTLA on Monday.

“This was a mistake. It should be corrected. It will be corrected,” Jafri said in an interview. “We all know it was real. The Holocaust is not a hoax. … I believe our classroom teachers are teaching it with sensitivity and compassion.”

The Common Core State Standards, adopted by most U.S. states including California, include writing standards that seek to have students make arguments and defend their answers based on texts they have read, among other goals.

Ah, Dhimmitude…Ah, Jihad…

  1. 06 May 2014 @ 11:02 11:02

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    Teach your children well, teach them THE TRUTH, teach them yourself!

    Don’t let them be brainwashed into dhimmitude and subjugation, EVER.

  2. 06 May 2014 @ 11:09 11:09

    I’d like to know who the fuckin geniuses were that put the moes in charge of educating American children and what made them think it would turn out any other way than this exact shit we see here.

    I’m writing from my phone, which allows me a reblog using the easy button to Femininican. I wish my self hosted Zilla blog had such a feature!

    This morning was spent educating Little Zilla about George Washington. He led from the front, ya know. I don’t think anyone in our history could have forseen that our country would grow do foolish that “leading from behind” is actually a thing.


  3. 06 May 2014 @ 11:40 11:40

    “Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam”
    Seriously, you’d think Martin Bormann could think of a better alias…

  4. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    06 May 2014 @ 12:55 12:55

    Know this: In Germany and Austria, the writers of such an assignment would be a) immediately terminated from their positions in Education and barred from any future employment within the educational system, and b) prosecuted, fined and perhaps jailed.

    While my First Amendment steeped sensibilities prevent me from approving of item “b” above, item “a” certainly seems warranted in these circumstances.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      06 May 2014 @ 13:54 13:54

      This is why I’ve been advocating since this blog started on 07 May 2008 that we bring back shaming and shunning as regular parts of everyday life.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 12:55 PM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:


  5. 06 May 2014 @ 13:56 13:56

    The right topic for this would have been the American Civil War, or something where there are sides that can be argued with out excusing evil.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      06 May 2014 @ 14:06 14:06

      Sure, MT, for sane people, but not for Jew-Hating / American-Hating Totalitarians.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 1:56 PM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:


  6. 06 May 2014 @ 16:51 16:51

    Rialto is the Inland Empire’s answer to Oaxaca. I’m not at all surprised that this kind of ignorant garbage would pop up there.

  7. Starless permalink
    07 May 2014 @ 00:58 00:58

    When I was a kid I used to watch “In Search Of…”. I was fascinated by the idea of “cryptids”, thought that ancient aliens was a perfectly sensible explanation for seemingly advanced ancient human engineering, and more-or-less believed everything Leonard Nimoy told me. I was a kid, after all, and didn’t know what I didn’t know. Eventually I grew up and learned that people lie, manipulate evidence, and use faulty logic in order to come to the conclusion they want.

    Anyway, Ace reminded me of those days, long, long ago, when I used to watch “In Search Of…”:

    If you’re a kid without the benefit of a mountain of evidence which can take years or decades to amass, you can’t possibly critically analyze a complex subject, whether it’s ancient aliens or The Holocaust. Any teacher should know this.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      07 May 2014 @ 07:19 07:19

      Exactly, especially in this Age Of Leftist Hegemony when children spend so much of their school-time learning useless crap.

      On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 12:58 AM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:



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