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Rep. @DarrellIssa Is A Phony

06 May 2014 @ 16:57

Richard Johnson [‘The Man Who Knows New York!’] reports in his lastest column in the New York Post:

US Attorney General Eric Holder has every reason to hate Rep. Darrell Issa, whose Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held him in contempt in 2012. But they were as thick as thieves after the White House Correspondents dinner.

At the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg after-party, they were having a nice chat, leading one politico to observe, “Normally you’d have food tasters, but it seemed very cordial.”

So, Darrell thinks this whole politics thing is a big game, a sport, where the players fight each other on the field, but go out clubbing after the game.

Eric Holder doesn’t think he’s playing a game.  Inside, he’s laughing contemptuously at just how moronic Issa is.

Holder’s serious, just like all of his comrades are serious.

And they’re right to be.  Over a hundred years ago, the Left declared war on The United States — we’re involved whether we like it or not.

The Left In America is at war and it’s winning, partially because Useful Idiots like Darrell Issa think modern politics is simply a sport.  No wonder he has failed in every investigation he’s chaired.

Darrell Issa is a…

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Let’s hope to God Trey Gowdy understands he’s in a war.

  1. 06 May 2014 @ 18:14 18:14

    If they let Trey Gowdy run with the investigation and he doesn’t get any interference, I believe he will bring down some indictments.


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