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So @ProteinWisdom Has Questions – Bob Has Answers

01 May 2014 @ 21:28

From a recent post by Jeff Goldstein, proprietor of Protein Wisdom, Hobbit, Visigoth, H8er, and Outlaw:

As we watch our country melt into a manipulated, racially-charged “Springer Show” episode, it’s worth asking the question:  do we still believe in representative government and federalism?  Are we still interested in constitutional republicanism?

No to both, if you’re talking about the majority of people in The United States in A.D. 2014.  They’re willfully clueless, happily ingesting their daily figurative dose of Soma.

Of course, it’s rather humorous for me — in a mean kind of way, I admit — to know that a good chunk of this majority will really be pissed when they wake-up one morning and realize they’ve lost all of the freedoms that only representative government and federalism can provide and maintain.

On that morning, I will laaaaaff…and laugh and laugh.  If I don’t, I’ll weep.


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