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Leftists All Agree: Blacks Are So F’ing Stupid

30 April 2014 @ 20:01

How stupid are they?

Well…according to the Left In America, Blacks find obtaining a photo id waaaay beyond their capabilities, even though you can get one from your state government very easily at no cost to you.

So…logically, taking into account how easy it is to get a photo id plus the fact that the Left thinks Blacks don’t have the skillset needed to obtain one, we can only conclude that the Left In America thinks BLACKS ARE FUCKIN’ STUPID.

They’re such morons that they can’t get to a local government office, such as the DMV/RMV, and get themselves one.

This is what the Left is telling us in the arguments they make against laws mandating a person show a photo id before they can cast a ballot.

Wake up my brothers and sisters.  They think you all are retarded.  They think you’re Dupes.

[Now, there is a group of Blacks and other minorities who believe the Left is only opposing photo ids as a requirement to vote because that situation makes it easier to commit voter fraud, and these minorities love the idea of giving it to ‘The Man’.  After all, they say if you probe them long enough, it’s payback time for Whitey and his friends.  They’ve been oppressed for hundreds of years and it’s time to oppress back.  Ahhh…corruption…]

The Federal Courts have been handing down rulings lately that overturn Voter ID Laws passed in the Several States, so infested with Leftists and Leftist Thinking has that judicial system become.

How to resist this Tyrannical branch of the national government?

Jeff Goldstein has a damn good idea:

Governors in states that have passed voter ID laws should — and yes, I mean this and would support it 100% — declare the federal judiciary’s rulings obscene and maintain the laws the citizens of the state voted into place in lieu of any further appeals.

It’s time for states to say no to judicial oligarchy, especially when to defer to it is to negate the will of those they represent and to agree to federal insistence that states have no right to employ mechanisms by which to protect the franchise of its citizens.

Let some federal judge then rule that ALL of the affected states votes are thereby nullified as a result of that state’s refusal to surrender its sovereignty to some activist hack.  See how well that goes over as a matter of constitutional law.

One more cycle of progressive rule and we’re done.  Now is the time to stand up and [say] no, particularly as I’m almost certain elections are being swayed not just by Evan Thomas’s infamous 15-point media swing, but by voter fraud, be it multiple votes in multiple jurisdictions, or votes being cast by illegals or some proxy for those who have long since shuffled off this mortal coil — and in so doing, invariably turned Democrat in the afterlife.

As I’ve declared here many times: if there is any hope for the non-violent Restoration of our Freedom and Liberties, it lies in the Several States.

It is a fading hope, but is it not worth a try?  Remember the words of Frederick The Great: ‘L’audace, toujours de l’audace! /
Rogues, would you live forever?’

Is the goal of making some states go Outlaw worth a shot, so that, maybe — just maybe — we can avoid having to fire shots?

Refugium inveniemus in provinciis
[Find refuge in the provinces]




  1. 01 May 2014 @ 16:11 16:11

    Interestingly, the same libs aren’t freaking out over the proposed FDA rule which would require photo ID to purchase cigars, tobacco, and e-cigs.

  2. 01 May 2014 @ 17:24 17:24

    I wouldn’t limit it to any ethnic group. It’s the rest of us that are stupid to the left.

  3. 01 May 2014 @ 20:07 20:07

    Texas would be the place to start. They seem to like provoking the Feds.


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