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EXCLUSIVE: American Woman Made Saint!

28 April 2014 @ 20:05

DATELINE: E-Harmony —TCOTS News has learned that Pope Francis Albert, er

, Pope Francis I declared a third person a Saint yesterday in the ceremony that saw Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul The Great made Saints in the Roman Catholic Church.

Knowing it would be a very controversial move to declare a non-Catholic a Saint, the Pope mumbled the declaration under his breath as, pre-arranged, Pope Eggs Benedict, er — sorry [my meds just kicked-in], Pope Benedict XVI cleared his Papal throat several times, waved his Papal staff in the air, and said, ‘Francis Rules!’.

The woman, Lou Ann McCain, is the wife of Robert Stacy McCain, reporter, former rock non-star, and proprietor of the hip website The Other McCain.

In a secret message, Pope Francis praised Mrs. Other McCain for putting-up with Stacy’s antics for twenty-five years, even though there were times he probably needed killin’.

The canonization on Sunday came one day before The Other McCains celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary.


The Best Is Yet To Come….

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