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On Conservative Ideologues And The Vile Marginalizing Of Jeff Goldstein [UPDATED]

23 April 2014 @ 21:33

For the past two days, Jeff Goldstein, proprietor of the essential blog, Protein Wisdom, has been under a sustained attack on Twitter by a certain type of conservative that, sadly, we have seen too often since the New Right emerged in the 1970’s.

Yesterday and today, Jeff offered his insightful analysis of the attacks and both posts contain links that will let you [if you have the time and the inclination] view the whole torrid [on his enemies part] timeline [also, please see Mr. G’s take on this here].

I offered these thoughts in his Comments section [that’s where I’ve been this evening]:

I have a theory on the Runny Poo Poos [a mocking by me of Bunny Foo Foo’s handle] of this world that have been foolish enough to tangle with Jeff yesterday and today…

Since the 1970′s and the emergence of the New Right, I’ve encountered these types and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not conservatives in the real sense. They are Ideologues.

Shermlaw made a very accurate observation of these types above:

…It’s difficult to have any sort of reasoned discussion, especially when dealing with an echo chamber. Second, as others have said or implied above, the insistence upon a “team” view, especially when the team’s reasoning is suspect has never been clear to me…. Third, this new crop of self-selected guardians of conservative “virtue,” is more concerned about winning power than they are with principles. That way lies madness….

Physics Geek wrote about their ‘groupthink’ above.

These are all signs of the Ideologue – believing in a system of ideas that brooks no deviation from the script that has been developed collectively.

In Jeff’s case, he dared[the audacity!] question their groupthink, not in a hostile way, but as someone interested in probing the mind of supposed allies. The Hive Mind reacted – as they, as Ideologues, always do – by unleashing a juvenile tantrum upon Jeff [and Dicentra].

As Mark Levin has correctly stated many times, but as Russell Kirk has stated more eloquently [emphasis mine]:

…For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order.

The attitude we call conservatism is sustained by a body of sentiments, rather than by a system of ideological dogmata. It is almost true that a conservative may be defined as a person who thinks himself such. The conservative movement or body of opinion can accommodate a considerable diversity of views on a good many subjects, there being no Test Act or Thirty-Nine Articles of the conservative creed.

In essence, the conservative person is simply one who finds the permanent things more pleasing than Chaos and Old Night….

[This applies, as well, to those who prefer the term: Classical Liberal]

Shermlaw expressed the approach of the conservative very well in the example he gave:

…It always gives me pause when someone I respect thinks differently than I do. It necessitates a reexamination of premises and conclusions….

The Ideologue cannot allow himself to do this.

The Ideologue designs a blueprint for how Life must proceed and every material to be used in it is governed by the design. Any deviation and the structure risks becoming unstable. Like a building plan, an Ideology must be followed to the letter and, therefore, it has to dictate the specifications for everything needed to make a building efficient [electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.]. Thus, an Ideology must encompass every facet of Life. It must pervade every nook and cranny.

In Jeff’s post from today, he provides a good number of links to old posts he wrote with the purpose being, as he stated: ‘in order to revisit some of the arguments I’ve made on this site over the years’.  I look forward to perusing the ones I have not read because I always find that I learn something useful from these kinds of posts of his.

Since 2009, Jeff has been subjected to concerted campaign to marginalize him and his blog.  With many who call themselves people of the Right, he is persona non grata.

The treatment Jeff received at the hands of these ‘Illuminated Conservatives’ was disgusting, but it did have the effect of showing, for all the conservative world to see, just who ‘got it’ about the Left In America and who was utterly clueless.

For me, at least, that was important because the stakes were so high for the survival of this country [they, of course, are even more so in this sixth year of the ‘Obama’ regime].

Further, the incident showed that Jeff is a man of principle and Honor.

I am proud that I know him.

UPDATE on 24 APRIL 2014 at 2021:

Stacy McCain’s post on this latest incident is a must-read, especially for his recollection of the first time he met Jeff.

  1. 23 April 2014 @ 21:44 21:44

    I am proud that I know him.

    Me, too, Bob. I have love/hate relationship with the internet – enlightenment as to the world we live in casts a long shadow on soul at times, and I have to withdraw on occasion to save my sanity. Folks like Jeff persist, though, under conditions I’m simply unwilling to bear. I’m glad he’s here for me when my constitution permits me to play. I hope and pray he continues to have the strength to slog on. He adds much to conservative thought and discussion, and he’s a trusted and valued commentator for many of us.

  2. 23 April 2014 @ 21:46 21:46

    I mistakenly read his timeline this morning before heading off to work. That was fifteen minutes I’ll never get back. ( Jeff was reasonable throughout the whole exchange.)

    • 24 April 2014 @ 20:35 20:35

      People forget that he was a professor and, therefore, he often employs the Socratic Method.

  3. 23 April 2014 @ 21:51 21:51

    And he’s absolutely right: “Just another anti-intellectual, bullying hive mind.” I was watching during the last World vs. Goldstein flap, and Jeff almost always had the better argument — but there was always some douchecanoe hanging around in a desperate attempt to get the last word.

  4. theebl permalink
    24 April 2014 @ 02:39 02:39

    There are some real douchebags in the world. I am sorry that Jeff G had to deal with their crap.

  5. 24 April 2014 @ 07:54 07:54

    Speaking of ‘reasoned discussion’… stroll through the tweets of Van Badham, prominent mouth of the Australian left.
    Even though the tweets have been censored, I feel I should still offer a language warning.
    Panel Van.

  6. Starless permalink
    24 April 2014 @ 08:24 08:24

    I can’t make out exactly what happened (I think I would need a research team to do so), but from what I can tell, Jeff asked a snarky, non-political question of a woman who talks like a sailor and whose avatar is a close-up of (apparently) her big titties*, and she decided at that moment to pull out the delicate flower card? Am I getting that right?

    *My apologies to the ladies, but that’s the most accurate way I can think of to characterize it.

  7. 24 April 2014 @ 13:21 13:21

    I was introduced to Jeff Goldstein’s posts through this blog. If he has some people in an uproar, so be it. They sound as though they’re no better than liberals. I hope that Jeff does not let this discourage him from writing the truth. We need bloggers like him!

    • 24 April 2014 @ 20:43 20:43

      Like Andrew Breitbart reminded me of Sam Adams, Jeff reminds me of his cousin John.

  8. physicsgeeky permalink
    24 April 2014 @ 16:52 16:52

    Jeff was one of the first people I found via the old guard bloggers when they said “Jeff is back!” at the old Celluloid Wisdom site. His treatment by, um, “allies” has been an eye opener. For the record, the only time I haven’t visited his site during the last decade was when he took some mental health breaks.

    You know who disgusted me most during the shunning? Michelle Malkin. From what I remember, Jeff has actually been in her home and now she pretends he doesn’t exist. To be fair, Malkin lost me when she shot from the hip at a friend of mine, who is in fact a liberal, but not a leftist asshole. Lots of us called her out for that nonsense, but as far as I know, she’s never apologized or recanted. Apparently being on TV means never having to say you’re sorry. Her treatment of Jeff, to my mind, was worse. In any event, I haven’t linked to anything she has written or tweeted in years and do not ever plan to do so again. I’m a pitiful little nobody on the Innertubes so it’s pretty much me pissing into the wind, but I do what I can.

    • 24 April 2014 @ 20:45 20:45

      I know it’s a cliche, but, every little bit does count. Add them up and you have a force to be reckoned with. Also, it’s the right thing to do.

  9. 25 April 2014 @ 09:46 09:46

    I don’t understand that when I get on Stacy’s blog, the latest post is still the news roundup from Tuesday.

    • Starless permalink
      25 April 2014 @ 10:15 10:15

      Clear yer cache?

      • 25 April 2014 @ 13:02 13:02

        That did it. Thanks! I have now revealed myself to be an idiot when it comes to technology.

        • Starless permalink
          25 April 2014 @ 13:55 13:55

          Two basic questions you always want to ask: am I getting power? And, what version am I on?

          BTW, you don”t seem to be an idiot. You at least knew what I meant when I said “cache”.

  10. RS (Shermlaw) permalink
    26 April 2014 @ 09:37 09:37

    Jeff’s plight is due solely to envy on the part of those who criticize him. They do not understand what he’s talking about, and thus, they feel stupid. Instead of having the intellectual honesty to dig into his posts and political philosophy, they marginalize him, because they think, if goes away, they’ll be smarter. Pathetic, really.


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