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Matters Hillary

19 April 2014 @ 00:01

-This womyn is about to become a Grandmother:


Poor kid.

But I wish the child and Mother well and hope that Chelsea’s pregnancy is untroubled.

However, the kid’s Grandmother remain fair game for ridicule, as do, of course, her Leftist comrades, as Iowahawk well understands:


From others…


-We learned this Evening that Hillary Rodham has a possible connection with a male homosexual pedophile ring in HollyGotWood.

From a report by Stacy McCain, over at The American Spectator:

…Singer has also hosted notoriously raucous gay parties at the home of film director Roland Emmerich, the London Daily Mail reported. In a 2011 interview with the Advocate, a leading gay publication, Emmerich described how Singer invited hundreds of “twinks” — slang for very young gay men — to the annual pool parties at Emmerich’s Hollywood estate. The paper highlighted a photo showing scores of men frolicking in Emmerich’s swimming pool.

It was at Emmerich’s estate in June 2007 that Hillary Clinton attended an “LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) fundraiser event” for her Democrat presidential campaign. A description of the event: “The Senator first greeted the VIP guests in the upper section of the estate and then moved on to the pool area to address the approximately 250 supporters who have gathered to meet the former First Lady. Hillary Clinton’s main topic that night was the discrimination of gays and lesbians and their (mostly lost) rights, which she is fighting to restore.”…

For background on the allegations against movie director Bryan Singer and producer Roland Emmerich, see another report by Stacy here.

Stacy has just filed a follow-up report over at his place on his TAS article.

A highlight:

Now, am I saying that every gay person in Hollywood is a pedophile, or that Democrats endorse the kind of activities alleged in Michael Egan’s lawsuit? Nothing of the kind.

What I am saying is that the Democrat Party has been collecting money to advance an agenda, and that some of the people providing that money are alleged to have an agenda of butt-raping teenage boys.

Any comment, Comrade Rodham?


-Related Item: from Iowahawk, we learn this about an alleged pederast:

  1. Starless permalink
    19 April 2014 @ 08:05 08:05

    When it’s an allegation against a Catholic priest, it’s truth is self evident and an indication of a systemic culture of corruption within the Church of Rome, when it’s an allegation against a Hollywood movie director (or a public school teacher), it’s merely an allegation whose truth is in question, not reflective of Hollywood culture, and, even if it is true, it probably wasn’t really “rape-rape” anyway.

    So let’s not assume that politicians on the Left, who try to have as many connections as they possibly can within Hollywood, will have heard a smidgen of a hint of a scintilla of a rumor about these goings-on. Especially not Hillary!, who is supposed to have dirt on everyone, but every single Republican in the United States is responsible for all of eternity for something dumb Todd Akin once said.

    We won’t be seeing any double standards on this one within the media and political Left at all, I’m sure.


    • Starless permalink
      19 April 2014 @ 09:00 09:00

      BTW, gay Hollywood, please continue to lecture me about the moral imperative of gay marriage and how you all just want to participate in America like everyone else with your long-term monogamous relationships…while you continue to throw massive and notorious hedonistic gay sex parties*.

      *If there are also massive and notorious hedonistic heterosexual sex parties in Hollywood, I will gladly retract my charge of hypocrisy, but we really don’t hear about that kind of phenomena anymore, do we? I mean, can Hugh Hefner even pull that kind of party off anymore?

  2. formwiz permalink
    19 April 2014 @ 15:10 15:10

    Talk about spawn of Satan!


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