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18 April 2014 @ 18:56

Guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G…

Good Friday 2014

The Rev. David R. Graham
Adwaitha Hermitage
18 April 2014

The center of Christianity is the Cross of Jesus the Christ. Christianity is a Power of Being. The Cross symbolizes and is that Power.

Christianity is rightly hated by the self-important. It condemns elites, exclusives, preferreds. Of any kind, any status, any pretension.

Today is Good Friday in the Power of the Cross Anno Domini 2014. In my mind’s eye I eye St. Francis Xavier lifting high the Cross before Indian villagers, declaring It their liberation. Why would he do such a thing?

Why indeed. An engine of torture, admonishment and death. The sign of a loser. What idiot would declare such a thing the gateway to life? What moron would hand the defiant instant justification for their mockery?

Christianity announces a horror as health and a paradox as paradise.

Somehow it seems to make sense. On what, indeed, does Christianity pronounce crucifixion unto death? What is this Power against? What hateth it? Who is the bad guy Christianity wants dead?

For indeed It does want someone dead. Christianity is a lethal hunting expedition for a culprit, a true menace to society, a very real enemy of life. No wonder evil doers hate Christianity. Christianity hates them. The hatred is mutual.

But it is not equal. Christianity hates this bad guy harder, with more determination and more everlastingly than this bad guy can ever hope or even dream to hate Christianity. The struggle is unequal.

The bad guy in the crosshairs is Ego. Ego Christianity wants on the Cross. The Power of the Cross exceeding the power of ego is the Good News of the Gospel.

Ego Christianity wants dead. Permanently. What remains after crucifixion of Ego Christianity calls Resurrection. One is the same but different: life full and healthy because sans Ego. Moreover, life sub specie aeternitatis, Eternal Life.

Christianity is war on Ego. Today is Good Friday. The day the Power of Being that is Christianity declares victory in that war. The death of Ego on the Cross is Christianity’s moment of victory over Ego throughout all dimensions of existence. The moment of Jesus the Christ’s death on the Cross … that is, the moment a Christian’s or anyone else’s Ego is crossed out … is the moment Creation can stand before God in pure humility ready for reunion through rebirth.


[Please check out The Rev’s fine blog Theological Geography.]

  1. 18 April 2014 @ 20:24 20:24

    Thanks for your posts. And a very blessed Easter to you.

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