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‘Boston Strong’? [Update: Boston Bombsquad On Scene At Finish Line]

15 April 2014 @ 19:55

As you probably know, today is the one year anniversary of the successful Jihadist bombing at the Boston Marathon.

As I live in New England that means that news out of Boston is reported throughout the region every day [please keep in mind that, even though Connecticut is located physically in this region, it is not part of it mentally, so it doesn’t count here].

For the past year, we New Englanders have been treated to endless stories about the victims of the bombing and those who responded to it.  In fact, one TV station, WCVB, out of Boston has run a nightly feature called ‘Boston Strong‘ since a few days after the terrorist attack.

As I am sure you will not be surprised to learn, after the first month or so of coverage of the two Muslims who committed this heinous act, any mention of the terrorist nature of it or the fact that they were acting in the name of Jihad has barely been repeated.  As Mark Steyn wrote today:

…The post-marathon media coverage was near parodic in its willingness to seek refuge in even the most absurd alternatives for why the Tsarnaev brothers did what they did. And so what happened will happen again. Because, as my Happy Warrior column put it, “Jihad Abhors A Vacuum”.

The slogan on everyone’s lips here was and still is ‘Boston Strong’, but everyone seems to be wallowing in grief over the terrorist attack.  It’s unseemly for a supposed robust people to act this way, but, sadly, not surprising.

UPDATE at 1959…

From the Boston Police:

There’s an ongoing post here at Twitchy.

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