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The Left Has No Better Angels In Their Natures

14 April 2014 @ 20:31

The report is by The Washington Examiner and the commentary by Jeff Goldstein:

Federalism is dead.  Sure, it’s there in the Constitution, but since marriage (and just about every other “noble cause”) has been re-defined as a civil right, the entirety of the 10th amendment is now effectively and functionally moot. Washington Examiner:

A federal judge has ordered Ohio authorities to recognize the marriages of gay couples performed in other states.

Judge Timothy Black’s ruling on Monday criticized the state’s “ongoing arbitrary discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Allow me to interject and add a partial list of other arbitrary discrimination involved with marriage laws:  age of consent; number of partners; blood relationship; species of partner; etc.  All ongoing.  All discriminatory.  None unconstitutional. Until now, when the door is opened to turning the institution of marriage, which doesn’t prevent coupling or cohabitation or prohibit relationships, into a civil right.

Judges like this, who play philosopher king rather than stick to the authority granted them under the Constitution, should be summarily recalled.   Period.  End of story.

I think we’re way past that, Jeff: as I see it, tarring and feathering is the new recall.

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest of Jeff’s post, which is very well done, per usual.

Knowing that there are enough True Americans out there who have reached their boiling points, I think it only a matter of time before we see more Cliven Bundys arising.

The big question, of course, is: how will the Despots in government react when they do?

I think I may have found the answer in a comment I just jotted down after reading the transcript of a lecture delivered recently by Patrick Deneen, where he said:

And this was exactly what early conservative thinkers recognized was the “end-game” of liberalism—it sought, to the greatest extent possible, the elimination of all constitutive ties to any mediating or civil institution, to be replaced by our direct relationship with the State. This would be accomplished not by means of enslaving the population, but by promising that this constituted the very essence of liberation. This was the basic insight of Tocqueville’s culminating chapters of Democracy in Americathat the democratic despotism of a mild “tutelary” state would come about not by force and terror, but by the willing acquiescence of an isolated and individuated citizenry. This was the argument of Bertrand de Jouvenel, who observed in his neglected masterpiece On Power that the rise of the centralized modern State was spurred when monarchs, seeking to break the power of local lords, promised liberation to the people in return for their direct fealty, and thus began a long and familiar tradition of expanding State power in the very name of liberation of individuals from mediating ties. His argument was refined and made with distinct power in the modern context by Robert Nisbet in the earliest years of American conservatism, in his 1953 book Quest for Community, in which he argued that the totalized State was not simply the imposition of despotic force upon a recalcitrant people—it was never that—but was desired by populations whose “longing for community” had been transferred from a range of identities and memberships below the level of the State, to the State itself.

We begin to see this with ever-growing clarity in our own times—a new, kinder and gentler total State. It promises its citizenry liberty at every turn, and that liberty involves ever-greater freedom from the partial institutions of civil society, or ones remade in accordance with the aims of the State. The states as sovereign political units have been almost wholly eviscerated, and are now largely administrative units for the federal government. Satisfied with that victory, we now see extraordinary efforts to “break” two institutions that have always been most resistant to the total State: churches and family. We see an unprecedented efforts by the Federal government to abridge religious liberty by conscripting religious institutions like Little Sisters of the Poor (and my institution, Notre Dame) to be agents conscripted into providing abortifacients, sterilization and contraception—in the name of individual liberty. We can expect determined and even ferocious efforts to bend Churches to accept gay marriage as a norm, even to the point of forcing them entirely out of the civil realm. And we see increasing efforts of the government to “liberate” children from their families—represented perhaps most chillingly by the MSNBC clip showing Melissa Harris-Perry explaining how the greatest obstacle to State education has been the pervasive notion that kids “belong” to families rather than belonging “collectively to all of us.”

Can the New Left — those demon children of the Progressive-Communist movements of the first half of the 20th Century — who are now in power and in control of the Left In America, resist the employing of force?  Unlike their predecessors, they are impatient and, more importantly, committed to remaining immature, which means they possess the child’s uncontrollable urge to strike out at their foes in wild tantrums.  So, I expect that they will lash out at us at some point, their spoiled-brat Narcissism getting the best of them.  Let us never forget, as well, that the Left has no better angels in their natures.

If I am correct, then we must be prepared to resist, to fight back.

We must be resolved that the Left will not win.

The time has come to saddle-up and be ready to ride.


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