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Chris Muir On The Red Storm Rising

13 April 2014 @ 21:13

For now, the stand-off at Cliven Bundy’s Ranch is over.

Chris Muir captures the feelings that this incident arose in the Souls of every True American:


Bravo, Chris, that was dead solid perfect [please do check out his daily Day By Day cartoons].


This situation with the Bundy Ranch is not over for either side – especially for the Tyrants.

Perhaps the denouement, when it does come, will be remembered as our Boston Massacre.

Resistentiam Tyrannis nunc.
Resistentiam Tyrannis saecula.

Resistance to Tyranny now.
Resistance to Tyranny forever.

  1. 13 April 2014 @ 21:14 21:14

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  2. 13 April 2014 @ 21:22 21:22

    Like you said Bob, I don’t think it’s over by a long shot. The Feds will lay low for a while and thern the Bundys can probably expect a midnight raid by SWAT teams.

  3. 13 April 2014 @ 21:38 21:38

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    Chris & Bob nailed it, so go read it, now.

  4. 14 April 2014 @ 09:48 09:48


  5. David R. Graham permalink
    14 April 2014 @ 15:13 15:13

    Not over indeed. Next step would be to go to their banks and make it impossible for them to do business, buy supplies, pay debtors, etc. Blood the WH flinched from shedding, which is interesting/significant in more ways than one. One I can think of is, with the plotting to run Michelle in 2016 for POTUS — and by the looks, already, of her body language the elder daughter after that — they want no messes on the ground, will prefer the silent hatchet off camera. Still, as my wife says, it’s good to know that USA still has buckaroos! 🙂 I have confidence in them.

  6. Adobe_Walls permalink
    14 April 2014 @ 16:40 16:40

    Obviously the decision to deescalate wasn’t made by personnel in Nevada. There has been some speculation that the folks in the only legitimate federal political jurisdiction determined that six months before the midterms wasn’t a good time to begin a frank exchange of views.


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