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On The Necessity Of Upholding Standards

06 April 2014 @ 19:37

In a post over at The Other McCain by Smitty, we find in the Comments section this expression of modern thinking [emphasis mine]:

…I don’t what stereotypes are doing your thinking for you, but I don’t endorse same sex marriage, or accept homosexuality because it’s cool or hip; I accept it because it has no bearing on my existence if two men or women want to couple or have sex with one another.

Here before us is one of the most popular kinds of Selfishness that pervades America Society today.

It is believed to be a noble and good attitude, and is held by Leftists and Libertarians and even some conservatives.

‘Do what thou wilt as long as you don’t prevent me from doing the same and as long as no one is murdered or physically assaulted,’ it proudly declares.

What was once an attitude primarily associated with the Me Generation has become, through a very successful propaganda / brainwashing campaign, the attitude of all generations in America.

The Truth is, the Reality is, people in a Society behaving in perverse ways, living lives that are not Normal, do have a bearing on the existence of everyone in that Society.

In order for a Society, especially a free one, to survive and prosper, the vast, vast majority of people in it must work to uphold the standards, the customs and traditions, that define it and allow it’s peoples to enjoy Freedom and Liberty.

When a Society stops upholding, maintaining, sustaining, validating, and holding to the customs and traditions and Morality that are it’s core foundation, said Society — being as all Societies are: fragile things — begins to die.  This march to death is often slow because of residual strengths built into the structure, but, like the neglected steel structure building, it will eventually collapse in on itself in a heap of rust.

America, with it’s wide areas of Freedoms and Liberty, is a Society more vulnerable than most because it has living within it an active group of people, a Fifth Column, working ceaselessly to destroy it: the Left, who are being aided gladly by those fellow Ideologues who also want to reduce America Society to rubble, such as the Mohammedins, and assisted unwittingly by those fellow Ideologues who are too blind to see that Ideology destroys everything it touches: the Libertarians.

To not care what other members of your Society are doing is criminal form of negligence, a depraved indifference.  Abnormal practices and actions that violate the standards set-up by a Society, though they start out with a small minority of practitioners, will inevitably, given Human Nature, given our Fallen State, gain wider acceptance if they do not meet with a continued disapproval by the Society.

Also, as Edmund Burke pointed out: a free Society cannot survive if the present generation does not honor those who came before it and the hard-won wisdom and stability they bequeathed it, and if it does not honor it’s obligation to future generations who depend on us not breaking ‘the whole chain and continuity of the commonwealth’.  [Reflections On The Revolution In France]

To uphold it’s standards, a Society must debate what proper means need to be implemented in order to guard it against the undermining influences of perversions [as the word is understood in it’s most basic meaning] and deviations unrestrained.  Should a practice or action be outlawed?  Should it be not so proscribed, but it’s adherents shunned?  Should it be subject to Unwritten Law?  Each Society, being that it is a creature of the Culture of it’s people, must decide what is the best way to preserve Normalcy.  In doing so, it must consult it’s ancestors and make good use of Right Reason.

No Society can survive if it’s members take a hands-off attitude towards the preservation of what made it.

As Yuval Levin writes in his wonderful book, The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, And The Birth Of Right And Left, in an explanation of Mr. Burke’s thought: ‘human beings are born into a web of obligations’.  To the past we owe a well-earned Respect and to the future we owe the hard work necessary to provide them with a future of Freedom and Liberty.

A man full of warm, speculative benevolence may wish his society otherwise constituted than he finds it, but a good patriot and a true politician always considers how he shall make the most of the existing materials of his country. A disposition to preserve and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a statesman. Everything else is vulgar in the conception, perilous in the execution.

—Edmund Burke, Reflections On The Revolution In France

  1. 06 April 2014 @ 20:11 20:11

    I agree with you to a point. But what do you do when your child comes to you and says…Dad, I’m gay? Do you go off the deep end and tell them to never darken your doorstep again, or do you do what Christ would do, which is love them unconditionally.

    • 06 April 2014 @ 20:29 20:29

      You, of course, continue to love them. To reject them, it seems to me, would be a sin, even if they reject you because you hold true to your religious / philosophical beliefs.

      • 06 April 2014 @ 20:48 20:48

        That’s exactly what I did and do. I told my daughter the same thing my Dad told me and the same thing God tells us which is, you’ll always be my child and I will always love you no matter what. I also told her I didn’t agree with her choice, but that I wouldn’t say anything more about it.

    • 06 April 2014 @ 20:56 20:56

      I think that a parent has to either accept it or lose their son/daughter. My daughter has a friend who is gay and has a partner. I believed they’re married. I don’t know about his father, but his mother totally accepts him and his partner. I would assume the father does too; I’ve never heard anything to the contrary. If a parent has a good relationship with their child, even if they have different opinions, they could still get along. I believe the key is the parent’s acceptance.

    • 06 April 2014 @ 22:57 22:57

      You do not know what Jesus the Christ would do in the situation you mention. Your presumption is large. “White-washed tombs”and “dogs” are First Century Judaic euphemisms for queer. Jesus uses them unmitigated, un-caveated. “Dogs” remains so today in the ME, notwithstanding Arabs’/Afghans’ intense practice of sodomy. FUBAR. Religion is not sentimental.

      • 06 April 2014 @ 23:05 23:05

        You are far more educated in the Bible than me, but isn’t it written in the bible that God loves all of his children no matter what? He abhors the sin, but loves the sinner. At least that’s what I was taught.

        • 07 April 2014 @ 01:59 01:59

          But He’s only going to save a small percentage of them. MOST people are lost.

          You can bring this all down to a family situation all you want, but look at our culture. Look what we’ve become. People are losing their jobs and businesses if they speak out against gay marriage. The entire entertainment apparatus is wholly dedicated to putting homosexuality on a pedestal.

          Every single kid in our church has fallen for the queer media machine. The upcoming generation will have NO traditional family advocates. None. And they will have either left the churches or converted them.

          Up next is polygamy. And then what? Gay polygamy. Imagine a ceremony in a Christian church where five men are getting a sixth man into their “happy home”… and raising kids.

          But your family is intact. Yay! Big victory that is.

  2. Starless permalink
    07 April 2014 @ 09:13 09:13

    The trouble with avowed pro-gay marriage conservatives and, especially, libertarians, is that they took the Left at their word. They bought the Left’s sales pitch that the only aim of the gay marriage movement was to bring about essential legal parity for a minority population. That to not do so would be to expose a fundamental hypocrisy in American society. The Left’s most powerful weapon in this has been their “love” campaign. In MN, in 2012, this campaign was particularly shameless and unrelenting. The message was that if you voted in favor of the pro-opposite sex marriage amendment, you would be a horrible person who is against love and hates, if not your own children, then other people’s children. Who wants to be perceived as being against love and children? Nobody, that’s who.

    This has all been, naturally, a lie. I’ve been bitching about this for years. Specifically, that not enough conservatives who are pro-gay marriage have been asking the Left to reconcile how it is that right around the time GWB came to office the Left coincidently did a 180 on marriage. The response from those conservatives seems to be that it doesn’t matter — that intent doesn’t matter because the legal and ethical position supporting gay marriage is sound. That we should not legally restrict individual liberty exercised by two consenting adults because of our own personal moral and/or religious objections.

    I could almost agree with that. In a broader, objective, sense, I have to admit that if everything I objected to wasn’t legal, pretty much nothing would get done, and among probably the top ten things I really shouldn’t, and frankly don’t want to, get involved in is other people’s bedroom business. If that was all this was about I would probably just say: get gay married or live in sin or WTFever.

    Except we’ve got things like the Brendan Eich Incident popping up with what seems like greater and greater frequency. The Gay Marriage movement isn’t about civil rights, legal parity, or even “love”, just as the election of Barack Obama wasn’t about putting the most competent person in the WH regardless of the color of his skin, it’s about bringing the population to heel. This is wrong and contrary to everything we stand for. If all conservatives haven’t been convinced of this by the events of last week, then they should probably go ahead, make it official, and just register with the Democratic Party.

    • 07 April 2014 @ 15:20 15:20

      We’re not fighting hard enough. That’s why the left is winning. I was pleasantly surprised though at the outcome of the A&E Duck Dynasty uproar. We need more of that. This Eich incident should be the same way.

      • Starless permalink
        07 April 2014 @ 23:16 23:16

        I don’t know that it’s as much a matter of not fighting hard enough as it is of people understanding that their good intentions don’t mean a damn thing and that it doesn’t matter if they don’t think they’re at war with the Gay American Soviets, the Gay American Soviets are at war with them.

  3. indyjonesouthere permalink
    07 April 2014 @ 17:05 17:05

    There is no reason that the federal government should sanction marriage of any kind and, until the Civil War era, the state did not get involved in marriage either. Marriage was defined and sanctioned by the Church, it should never have entered the realm of the state. Adams commented that the Constitution was only for a moral and religious people….now the Constitution has been bastardized just as have the people. And we wonder why we’re devolving into amoral barbarians

  4. David R. Graham permalink
    08 April 2014 @ 13:32 13:32

    Belvedere’s point about unavoidable and therefore necessary unity is crucial. Mentally grind the world into pieces and there are no restrictions, apparently, on what to do to those pieces. No standards. But that is the rub for the grinders. The pieces still interact, they maintain essential and even considerable existential unity. Furthermore, they seek unity. They seek reunion. Even criminals band together to strengthen their predations.

    Reality is like a piece of glue that keeps snapping back into itself even when diced and sectioned. This is just unavoidable. Talk about deniers! Criminals deny they harm themselves whilst harming others. But they most certainly do. Any look at their phenomenology — how they are actually living — rather than their ideology — how they think they are living — shows criminals as self-mutilants.

    Queers are self-mutilants, criminals. There is no life in them. They will never be accepted, much less respected, because their phenomenology is pan-optically hurtful. Reality drives towards unity and reunion. That’s just the way it is built and works, and Belvedere points out that fact. Queers, criminals are the real deniers. No one lives alone.


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