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Friend @Smitty_One_Each Has Seen The Light

05 April 2014 @ 00:13

It happened some time ago, but his example is well-worth mentioning again:

That, my friends, is the oooonly way to fly…

Nothing like Old Francis Albert to lift the spirit.

  1. Starless permalink
    05 April 2014 @ 08:14 08:14

    Probably the best most recent example of this is how they succeeded in hounding Brendan Eich, a man responsible for a scripting language and browser which a large number of those Leftists likely rely on every day, out of his job. There’s this sanctimonious little bit in the New Yorker which claims that Eich, “was well known for his opposition to gay marriage”. Really? The first I knew of it was this week. Maybe it was “well known” in Silicon Valley, but certainly not outside of it, and not among those who aren’t the hardest core of the gay marriage fetishists. (Oh, yeah, and within that article they’ve gone full court press with the assertion that being pro-gay marriage is super-duper popular and the only possible right-thinking position these days.)

    Longer term, there are the CAGW fetishists. It doesn’t matter how big the pile of evidence against it becomes, CAGW fetishists will continue to unashamedly lie about it. Just this week, nasty old hag Laurie David claimed that, “Everything in [An Inconvenient Truth] has come to pass,” when, in fact, none of it has, and — if she cares as much about the subject as she claims to — she would know that. Yet in and attempt to enrich herself even further, she lies her ass off in a major publication with no apparent shame.

    These lying ass clowns really should think about what it is going to be like when the shoe is on the other foot, but I suppose they’re all making too much money and amassing too much transient power right now to consider that, though.

    • 05 April 2014 @ 16:17 16:17

      When the shoe is on the other foot – and I think it will be – they’ll be crapping their pants if they were stupid enough not to have armed themselves. So, you see Starless, there is reason to hope. As Adobe Walls always advises: make more mud bricks.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        05 April 2014 @ 17:53 17:53

        Make more mud bricks followed by a frank exchange of views.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      05 April 2014 @ 18:02 18:02

      Together with the Duck Dynasty kerfuffle I’d say they’re over playing their hand. For one thing polling tends to indicate support for gay everything but I believe this is misleading. I think most people really don’t care one way or another and just wish the gheys would stop yammering.

      • Starless permalink
        05 April 2014 @ 19:22 19:22

        IMO, they’ve been overplaying their hand for a decade. At least.

  2. Starless permalink
    05 April 2014 @ 08:57 08:57

    Bob, FYI, I left a comment earlier, but I think you spam filter ate it due to over-linkage (two links is one too many, I guess).

    • 05 April 2014 @ 16:10 16:10

      [UPDATE: Oh! I just found your comment – it wasn’t caught in a cluster. Luck be a lady tonight.]

      It probably did, as I have the limit set to two links.

      However, why it did not make it out of the Filter is this: these past several weeks have seen the spam attacks higher by a minimum of five times the normal amount, so I have been unable to scan through them and unspam those few that are legitimate – time does not permit. For example: last night when I signed on at about 1830, after not having been on since Midnight, I had over 300 spams – just too many to go through.

      When I’m online these days, I try to check the Spam Filter every hour. Yours must have been posted in that big block of time when I was offline or occurred during a clustered spam attack.

      I’m hoping the attacks return to normal level soon – they usually do.

      • Starless permalink
        05 April 2014 @ 19:28 19:28

        Ah, yes, the spam. We’ll, I’m glad you found my comment.

        • 06 April 2014 @ 00:05 00:05

          Whatsa matter, you don’t like being grouped with shemale cams and cheap-louis vuitton handbags???

        • Starless permalink
          06 April 2014 @ 07:21 07:21

          It depends, are they high-class?


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